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Server update

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Changed the break rate of the bronze sword to 1/25 (from 1/10)

The arrow head formula will now produce two arrow heads.

Some penalties removed from the bronze armor (plate and cuisses), and it will also degrade into damaged bronze armor (plate, cuisses, greaves). This degraded armor is not, and will not be for the forseable future repairable.

The black and red dragon armor (except for the helms) will also degrade, and the degraded versions can not be repaired.

Added a new invasion monster, the Shy Rat. Some of them, (1/1000 chance) will drop invasion tokens, that will be redeemable later.

Added 12 new spawns.


Newbie stuff, not for most of the players:

Simplified the newbie tutorial a little, and fixed some obsolete stuff errors.

Newbies start with more a/d experience (1K), and go to the underworld and lose items only after OA 15.

Rabbits and beavers made weaker.

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