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Guest smclaughlina

house ip address banned

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Guest smclaughlina

Hi everyone this is username Alexsam and smclaughlina.


In reality I am a college student, currently co-oping in Virginia. Now apparantly the house that I'm staying in, their previous stayers must have played eternal lands, and got banned.


All I can say is that usually people only stay in this house for approximately 8 months. The ip address is


If I could have access again I would really appreciate it.



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Let me guess: You try to play using a network of your college, right?


Such networks tend to ban port 2000, because there is/was a virus/trojan using this port to do ebul things.


You can test that by trying to

telnet game.eternal-lands.com 2000


and if you get nothing but a black screen and *NOT* the welcome message "Hi, and welcome to...." your college has banned port 2000.


Just to make sure that you have a problem with port 2000 (coz your college network bans it) try this:


telnet the-green-leaf.de 2000


and you should get the welcome message of a MUD server, but i guess, you get also a black screen and nothing more.


If thats the fact, try to talk to some network admins at your college, that they allow you to connect to port 2000 to game.eternal-lands.com and you should be fine. (yes, this is a game and not a virus! but you need to convince the admins of that fact.)



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