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Hi everyone,


Do you see that link to Calendar on the top right corner of the forums? Well we're going to try to start actually using it to post all major events! This is not a replacement for your posts here in the events forum. All it is is a way to easily see the events throughout the month, and hopefully prevent overlapping.


Here are the guidelines for using the Calendar:


1. You may only post well thought out and planned events there. Most of the posts in this events forum are fine for that.

2. When you post there you must enter the Title of your event, along with a short summary description, the TIME of day in your GMT* timezone that it will take place, AND a link to the thread in the events forum that you've already made that goes into much more detail on your event.

3. Your event post in the calendar will not show up immediately-it must be moderated. So have patience while we do that.



So an example of what you'd do:

  • Click on Calendar, make sure you're on the Events calendar(there's a birthday calendar too, but you can't post to that one).
  • In the lower right corner you'll see a few links. Click on: Add New Single Event
  • Enter the title of your event
    (Examples: Mortos Race, EL Trivia, PK in Tahraji)
  • Then check the correct dates and enter your summary description, the time*, along with the link to the forum post.
    (Example of the time would be: This event is taking place at 4:00pm GMT-5. I'd use GMT-5 because I'm in the east coast USA, and 4pm would be the time that it is for me when the event starts. So check what GMT number it is for your country and use that!)
  • Wait for a mod to approve :)



*If you're unfamiliar with GMT standard times, check out these sites:



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