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3D sound effects

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Since EL will be eventually gaining archery as a new skill, something I think the game could benefit from greatly could be the use of 3D sound, such as the Doppler Effect for arrows that wizz by and miss (multiple sound files could be created to handle each condition instead of using a complex set of coding to alter the pitch of the sounds)


a few ideas I have in mind:


-Doppler effect

fast moving objects such as arrows could have their wizzing sound have it's pitch altered to fit the direction of the arrow (IE: pitch lowers as the arrows moves away, and higher as it approaches)


-High shelf cutoff for distant combat

(this can be done with most music programs and many sound editing programs) each sound for combat would have alternate versions with a lowered cutoff frequency to give the effect of distant combat, or combat on the other side of a thick wall

If a spell that ever disorients players or messes with their perception is designed, using these sounds in place of the normal sounds would add a nice touch, or even when a player is poisoned multiple times



pretty self explanitory, could be done with a set of alternate sounds (higher quality, larger file size however), or by using the cutoff idea above and coding the echoes using the high shelf cutoff sfx


-Sound delays

Greater distance = longer delay before the sound reaches the player. Would probably be best for offscreen combat, weather, etc.


-Invasion droning noise

A low rumble that intensifies as you near the entrance to an invasion map, or an hot spot of enemies, could add a nice touch to the intensity of invasions. Could be just a single sound with some coding to control the volume in 5% increments


many of these can be done with extra sound files (could be a extra download for the game, such as the music) and treated like eye candy option-wise.

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I like this idea a lot and I don't think it would be too hard to implement. Makes battle more realistic.



Another suggestion I might add, while on the topic of sound, is to perhaps change the sounds made when a character is hit. It sounds a lot like someone just taped themselves grunting into a mic and I personally don't think it sounds very good (no offense to any of the sound implementers of course)

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