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Storm_Shadow a True Leader

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In a time long before civilized Draia; before the great influx of people to congested areas, there was a family that ruled over a great expanse. There was born to them a child, concieved of a virgin, and destined for great things. The gods named this child Storm_Shadow and sent a guardian to teach and protect the boy until he reached the age of ascention. Later, at the age of only 18; he led an army against the forces that be and conquered them, liberating the people from a corrupt government. Years later, the people of that newly found nation found him of reproach, he angered the gods and was sentenced to die. When they plunged the knife through his chest, the heavens opened up in sheer outrage. Then his spirit descended into the depths of hell, where he defeated the Lord of that realm and took with him all the souls of the lost ones back to Draia.

The word went around that a savior came and liberated the people of Draia from the clutches of grenth, and Storm_Shadow passed into legend. The word Storm became a household name for his name's sake. People everywhere were eager to pay ahmage to his noble deeds, but he humbled himself. He knew that it was for his people he did the things he did, not himself. So if you see Storm_Shadow walking around on Draia, just remember what he has done and appreciate that if not for him you'd still be in the underworld with no way out.

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:P:devlish: ummmm that was interesting. Storm where do u come up with this stuff LOL





Stewie rocks

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