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Quick rule clarification

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Hi all,


I'm sure the last time i read the bot rules, which was ages ago, it said you could not change what a tradebot is wearing (has equipped) once it has been declared a bot... i re-read the rules and cant find any such restriction, and i did a search for "wears", "wearing", "looks", "equipped" and couldn't find any post that said u couldn't...


So i assume i'm just remembering wrong and it never was a rule?


Basically; it is fine to change what a bot is wearing, yeah?

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I have changed my bot's appearances many times since they were registered (clothes wise), I can't see there being an issue at all with what the bot wears. Many times I have had players asking to buy the equipment the bot is wearing (thermal serps are a particular favourite) and I have happily obliged.


I did consider having the bots automatically change clothes at night if it had a full set of something eg tit/steel, just never got round to coding it.

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