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StaTics and Scullsyks adventure

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It was in the dead of winter, when I was sitting in my hut on Morcraven marsh when I decided that I was to go to the tavern in Whitestone and have myself a brew. I put on some leather armor, and a fur cloak. I grab a knapsack and packed some gold, a steel long, some various essies and a spare pair of boots in case my feet got cold.


I finished off my cup o tea and headed out. It was an especially cold winter, with snow up to my shins. As I walked and thought about the weather I heard a splashing sound in the pond near to me, and decided to have a look at what it was. When I got there, the ice on top of the pond had been broken, when all of a sudden something ran into the back of me and I splashed into the freezing water.

While under the water I took of my knapsack, grabbed the steel sword from it, threw the bag out of the water, and launched myself out preparing to fight. When I got out I saw a startled looking elf staring at me, frightened. ”Scullsyk!!” I shouted.” Static?!” he shouted back. “its been a long time my friend what, have you been up to?” I said “ oh nothing much I live in one of the spare rooms in the tavern of Emerald Valley. What about you?” “I was just on my way to the Whitestone tavern for a drink.” “Yes lets chat there, its freezing out here, we can speak there about what we have been up to.” So scullsyk and I walked on our way to the tavern.


When we got there, I saw my good friend Cleavold tending the bar. “Two mugs of ale cleavold.” “ahh Static and Scullsyk, what a pleasant surprise, I haven’t seen you too up here for a bit, its on the house” he said. As me and Scullsyk chatted about what we have been up to for the past couple years, he broke the conversation and asked Cleavold for a private place where me and him could speak. He led us to a back room, which had a table with a few quills and a desk, some parchment and a bookcase full of books.


We pulled up a few chairs and Scullsyk began to talk. “there’s this guy that I met before I took off to Emerald valley 2 years ago. I was fighting in DP arena when this guy that was obviously stronger than I asked to fight me, he was human, tall, black hair, and had a set of Iron on, with an eagle wing, crown of life and a mirror cloak. Obviously I said no, for I didn’t want to die and surely I would have. When I refused he simply teled without saying a word. At first I thought nothing of it, but from then on, at every pk map(besides desert pines) if I was fighting or walked through he would show up and attempt to kill me. That’s when I got worried. So to stop my troubles, I left. I told no one and have not told anybody my true name or anything about me. Well just 2 days ago when I walked in from a days hunting, the tavern owner told me that rumor in the Emerald valley town was that a stranger had showed up in armor asking for somebody that described me. So I immediately packed my bags and left. I came searching for you, knowing of course that you are a fighter, and could protect me for awhile if not help me in some other way. You’re the only one I felt I could trust.” I thought about what he told me for a minute, then ten, a half hour later I came to a conclusion to my dear friends problem.


“We will wait until night before we leave. We will make my way back to my hut pack some things and look for this human that you speak of”. He didn’t like this idea. “But if we find him or he finds us…then what? He will surely try for a fight.” “I know who you are talking about. I have had to deal with him myself. A few time I noticed him following me and had to flee when he summoned a tiger and a giant in Kilarn field one day. I was lucky and the tiger attacked a nearby fluffy and I fled from the giant. After I killed him a few times he left me alone. I talked to some people I have connections with and found out that he is a hired assassin, though what he lacks in strength he makes up for brains. He is smart. His name is Crazybull. After I killed him, he left me alone”


“so are you saying, that I could kill him? And that he isn’t so strong?” Scully asked. “No, he is stronger than you, but with some effort I could kill him, with a little help from you. After we kill him and get him to know that you and I are friends, I assume he will leave you alone” “I wonder who would want to kill me?” Scullsyk wondered




Scullsyk and I left the tavern and headed to my hut. We packed to bags, one for me and one for him. We both packed some, bread, fruit, and ale. We also packed a set of leather, all the gold I had, and a set a fur. We wore titanium chain (strong but light) augmented pants and leather boots. We sheathed a steel long each and headed out.


We walked to several taverns within a couple months. I introduced Scullsyk to several of my friends and bartenders, merchants and blacksmiths. Then we made our way to our first pk session to see if the killer would show up.


I camped out in a tower next to Nordcarn arena while Scullsyk sparred with people at the arena, wearing my titanium plate, col, cutlass, mirror cloak, and stars medallion. For he could not pack much of his belongings when he left emerald valley.


Two weeks past by before I started to notice somebody in the tower across from mine, watching the fighting below. He must have snuck in the night when I was sleeping. His face was shadowed by a hood, but I had a good idea whom it was.


That night I told Scullsyk of what I saw and, how the plan would work. If that was Crazybull he would attack soon. So I snuck out that night careful that no one saw and bought tele essences, some iron plate, a mirror cloak, a cutlass and a few tiger stones. I didn’t sleep that night, just kept watch while Scullsyk slept.


The next day Scullsyk left to get a bite to eat in valley of the dwarves. I watched and sure enough, he was followed. When he came back he put on my armor and walked right into the middle of the arena, and just as planned, Crazybull ran into the arena and attacked Scullsyk.


As quickly as a could I teled into the arena, by the time i got there Scullsyk was severely wounded but was doing a great job at healing. Soon as Crazybull saw me he disengaged and sent two tigers our way, one got Scullsyk. Right before I saw Scullsyk die and Crazybull leave the arena, my stomach dropped and a felt a hard lump of stone in my pocket. It was Scullsyks rostogual stone.


Crazybull knowing he could not miss such a drop quickly teled back into the arena and was just about to walk over the bag when attacked. He had run out of tiger stones thinking he would only have to fight one person. He made a mistake. Within three hits his health was down to thirty. I thought for sure I had him. He then proceeded to restore his health and pull out a Brod.


I knew I couldn’t lose so I didn’t diss, within five hits my full iron was gone, my cutlass and my mirror cloak. I started to die, fast, I was no match when I had nothing to defend or fight with when he had on his eagle wing. I was still hurting him though not much. I thought I had failed when I saw his healthbar down to 40.


I was taking damage fast and was running low on health essence and spirit restorations. I harmed. Took his health down to ten, disengaged and sent a tiger on his way. He died but not before he summoned a bear. Usually I would have been able to kill it no problem, but with three health it was the end of me.


Death came to me quickly. Down in the underworld I didn’t see Crazybull. I ran to the north as fast as I could. I ran up the candle lit steps and ran through the archway into Isla Prima.


When I emerged from the underworld I saw three people. A angry looking Crazybull walking away, A smiling Scullsyk and a happy faced Cleavold. ”what happened” I asked. “Right after I died I quickly remembered Cleavold and told him what was happening.” Said Scullsyk. “Ya, when I got there, there was a half dead bear, some blood on the ground and two bags, I killed the bear and grabbed both the bags and met Scullsyk here.” Said Cleavold. “ I tried to give back Crazybull his stuff ut he refused, so Scullsyk got a new eagle wing and steel plate.” Scullsyk was grinning. And began to speak “heres your titanium plate and all the rest of your stuff.” And he handed me everything that I lent him.


Cleavold made a fire and we all sat down and chatted about the days events. “I wish we brought some food, im starving.” I said. Cleavold and Scullsyk both agreed. “it would have been rather difficult though eh?” Cleavold said with a chuckle. And as if our minds were being read, Shamara teled from who knows where with a confused look on her face as she looked around at us all.” I was bringing all this food and ale to have a picnic with Radu and Roja, but after I packed all the food, Radu sent me a message saying that he was busy, but we could have a picnic some other time. I was about to put everything back when he told me I should come here with all the food instead. What’s going on?” we told her. “Well then, lets eat I guess.” Shamara said.

She healed us all and we had a nice picnic of fruit, bread, meat and ale.

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Is this based on a true story? :D Much nicer ending than your last one :(



nicer = happier

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