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Server Update

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Telia now buys books at a much better price (10 times more than the previous price)

7 new books


The Red Dragon is summonable:

Requires 10 serpent stones, 15 bones, 6 efe, 5 enriched life essences, 1 mixture of power


The astrology idicators are manufacturable under engineering.

New item to make/use: Lightmeter.

New book buyer, that buys some 'rare' books.


Switched to a new version of our scripting engine. This can cause server crashes, which happened once on the test server. Since then, we were unable to reproduce the crash, and changed some code around, so we hope this will not happen again. But if it happens, it happens, so please save often (use the #save command). If this is going to be an issue, we will revert back to the old scripting engine, after we gather some more debugging data to help us fix this problem.

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