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How do you know if you're hitting a monster?

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So many useless monsters for training..

Mountain chims,artic chims,cockatrice,yetis,giants..


Age of pr0's has ended :)

not rly

M chim can be good exp if u have an F chim on you.

cockatrice is killing monster, nothing for training yeh.

arctic chims can be good to train too depending on the fact if u have the right a/d p/c

ent made yetis stronger so ppl train on chims.

the problem is he removed the chims :lipssealed:




EDIT: changed 1 word.

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Well i cant call them naabs. Their answers show that they arent. :happy:


But the truth is that after 150 def or maybe earlier knoledge of the game&smart training is useless.

The stronger will be the one with the highest amount of gc in his inventory and the one that pays more in the market for nexuses removal stones.

Its not my style to call bidders pr0 :wub:


Actually thats the main reason i quit training.

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