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Guild for Dwarfs - Order of the OX

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A new member of the OX-clan approached me with the question: Where from does the dwarfs comes from.


It was then it suddenly hit me that, the dwarfhistory only reaches back to Mynadar.


Where did the EL-dwarfs origin from. Did they evolve from some ancient elder race .. or did a godly entity craft them out of rock and Iron.


Dwarfs is known for buildin' awsome halls within mountains in general. But Mynadar is just a Miners village out in the open land. It can't be the first city ever built by dwarfs.


And since the OX clan so far is the only dwarfclan in EL, it would be fair to discuss it in here.



The attack that crumbled the dwarfs precious Mynadar, also destroyed the many tomes where the dwarfs has been recording their history.


Left is only the stories that the elder dwarfs passes on to the young dwarflings .. and as the years passes, this knowledge becomes more and more like tales and legends ... the legend of the dwarfland. Or as they call it among themself, Khazdûn.

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