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How to contribute

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*New Language Translations--Do you speak English & another language very well? Then help start a new translation! Make a new post in this forum that you're working on it. Take your time, do it right, and don't hesitate to ask others to help you!


*Update Existing Translations-We have already existing translations that need to be updated with new info! Post here if you want to do that.


*Programming-Do you have a good idea for something in the Encyclopedia, or can you help us with something we need? Then go and post in the Programming forum! Only programmers should make a post. Suggestions can be posted in this forum.



Please only post if you're seriously going to do it and help!


If you are working on any translation, make sure you are also updating your files by placing them on ShareSource! See below for more information.



Update 4/6/2013:


The Encyclopedia is now being maintained here: https://github.com/Sir-Odie/EL-Encyc

Please contact Sir-Odie if you'd like to contribue on it and he will add you on there.

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