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Server update

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The skunk and racoon summoning give more exp.

Fixed the bug where some bots and NPCs would not be very visible during day time.

Now the summoned health decay is directly proportional with their lives, to some extent (min 2 and max 10).

Charm is now used as a modifier for summoned creatures, adding to both critical to hit and critical to damage.

The defense experience from the summoned animals further reduced by 20% of the original.

Charm is also used to give you a chance (charm%) to summon two animals/monsters instead of one. Works with summoning stones as well.

The "No more tears" cape is 'destroyable' (1 in 40K) for a while. The reason for this is that there are too many of them in the game, and otherwise it is almost impossible to remove some from the game. This is just a temporary thing, it will be made undestroyable again in a few weeks.

The chance to make an EFE has been increased by 100% (double the chance). This is not a permanent change, it will decrease again in a few weeks.

The chance to make an ELE has been increased from 5 in 10K to 7 in 10K. As for the EFE, this change is not permanent.

The chance to find a binding stone has been decreased by 50%, again, temporary.

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