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Encyclopedia Update

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Thanks goes to Theryndan for carrying on the work of updating the encyclopedia!


Fixes/addition in cvs (19 Feb 2007)


- added new section, "calendar"

- removed artificer perk

- added new books

- added vial mold and alembic

- added formulas for vials/mercury

- fixed exp for fluffy summoning and knowledge for summoning snakes

- fixed errors in armor stats, added stats for bronze armor

- fixed typos/broken link/wrong link

- fixed description of attack/defence

- more detailed description for skull/skeleton keys



Fixes/addition in cvs (29 Jan 2007)


- added exp for intercontinental teleport

- fixed mountain chimmy summoning exp

- added mercury in minerals list

- fixed steel long of magic formula/knowledge

- added toadstool info (edible)

- fixed knowledge for summoning tall gargoyle

- removed safe/unsafe status from maps list and descriptions

- added new perk (I eat dead people)

- added bronze armor (mostly empty pages for now)

- fixed the starting crafting guide (5 cotton for making thread)

- fixed some typos



Fixes/addition in cvs (15 Jan 2007)


- added new furs uses

- fixed gargs: short/medium/tall

- fixed stats for several armors

- added stats for some magic weapons

- added new books (seridium medallions)

- added new medallions in jewelry section

- added new perk, Harvester of Sorrow

- added description for Hobgoblins

- added turquoise info



Fixes/addition in cvs (08 Jan 2007)


- fixed summoning formulas for yeti, arctic chimeran and giant

- augmented leather torso gives -1 def, not +1

- fixed commands combatant/pacifist for total wars (guild commands section)

- Iscarlith map not safe anymore

- added seridium books and research points for various books

- added info about tin/copper/seridium ore

- added info about tin/copper/bronze/seridium bars

- fixed an error in silver ore description



Fixes/addition in cvs (01 Jan 2007)


- star/moon medallions images

- staff mage/protection images

- correct EDE image

- research points for summoning stones books up to Sslessar

- added books for copper and tin mining/smelting/molding

- added books for bronze armor

- fixed cotton formula

- fixed branches/logs pages (the "back" was linked to wrong page)

- in creatures list fixed gargs sizes: small, medium, tall

- fixed fluffy link in creatures list

- added feros/dragon in the creatures list (but the info pages have no specific info yet)

- added matter conglomerate in Misc section

- updated the info about earth essence, since it has use now

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