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Server update

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Increased the price of the Copper bar to 10K

Reduced the chances to make ELEs, EFEs and EDEs (enriched death essence).

Also reduced the drops of those items. This decrease is not necesarly permanent, and will be adjusted in the future, based on the market prices and other factors. So far, there were more essences coming in the game than going out, which caused them to lose their value and rarity factor. More monsters spawns were added in the past, which also caused an increase in those rare items, so now those issues are adressed.

Added a new ore (cinnabar) which can be harvested now.

Mercury can be extracted from the abovementioned ore.

Two new tools, both makable under the manufacturing skill. One is used for the extraction of mercury, the other for making vials. Since we don't have any images for those two tools, we used some unused images for them. This will change at the next client update.

Vials are makable, see above.

Due to multiple complaints, the Artificer perk has been removed, and everyone that took it will get their 7 pickpoints back at the next log in. A cape for the perk will be added in the future (1-2 months).

The new formulas can be found here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm



Forgot to tell you, the mercury formula gives two mercury, not one.

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