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Guest jinzazzo

banned for a while

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Guest jinzazzo

Hey everyone.... a while ago my ip was banned....the situation was a missunderstanding


first i played as jin1 for about a year or so, i knew how the game worked....i left the game, came back n made a new jin character i think the name was x_jin_x, but i admit to illegally trading with another character "redflare" and i got a warning from a mod....i said i wouldnt do it again...i stopped playing for the day....my sister logged on...im not sure what her name was because shes always changing characters....she played while i was asleep....the next morning i woke up looked to play some el n i found i was banned...my sis said she did nothing wrong, but i checked the chat somwhere in my files....n she claimed she was a mod, but she was accused for being jin and redflare....i think it was said something like


mod: does jin and redflare ring a bell

my sis: yeah they are my cousins


so we both broke a rule...she bought a char thinking she would be a mod....she was lied too and she isnt reallly smart enough to understand how the whole moderator thing works....i admitted to illegal trading with same ip but i stopped......im just asking for a second chance, iknow its hard to beleive but i see how you mods on these forums always find stuff hard to beleive but that doesnt change the fact wether its true or not....im saying please dont assume im lieing and had that many characters....i just want to play again

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That's funny...I see a lot of trouble in my logs from jin1 too. Inappropriate unwanted pm's of an "adult" nature, inappropriate language in public, selling of characters in private, illegal multiplay.


Your "sister" misslondon did more than just "think she was a mod"...her attitude was horrid, her language was horrid, and no matter how often we tried to explain things to her, we got no better than cursing and worse behavior. Oh and btw...we never had a mod named misslondon :P


Also I see multiple alts on this IP causing trouble and illegally multiplaying. A LOT more than you post here.


I see NO reason to unban this IP.

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