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Major Update

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If you haven't predownloaded the update yet, please go to the update page and download it.

The Mac users need to go on the Mac version page (link to it from the Download page).


Here is a list of some changes:

1. 2 new monsters.

2. Many new maps.

3. A lot of new monster spawns, both in the new maps and some of the already existing maps.

4. Now you won't go to the underworld untill level 12 OA, rather than level 7.

5. 2 new harvestable metals, tin and copper.

6. Some of the medallions and the Enriched Death Essence have new images.

7. Changed the thread formula so that it will require only 5 cotton.


Please keep in mind that the new monsters might be adjusted a little bit in the near future. There might be some small bugs with the new maps, if so please report them on the bugs forum, so we can fix them.


New manufacture list:



Volunteer Contributors:


Map Makers:

Special thanks to Acelon for helping with a bunch of map bugs & fixes!

Acelon-Palon Vertas Underground, Willowvine insides


MikeH-North Redmoon






Bluap- manufacture mix buttons, the tab-map mark filter (ctrl+f) and the "#knowledge [string]" command to list your book list status

Labrat- auto download, custom clothing(not in the game yet!), bug fixes

Learner- Bug fixes, Performance fixes, Support for shared actor XML data, Reduced multi packet latency from client-> server

0ctane-MAC, OSX client

0ctane, Kindar Naar, and Awn/Drakos7- initial special effects code

Vegar- name tab completion






Storyline & quests:





Also a big thanks to all the moderators!


And to anyone I may have left out here, I apologize.

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