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Cleaning out my storage

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*** thread can be closed, giving away the rest of the items ***


Thanks everyone.





Cleaning out my storage. PM in game or post here. I will try my best to keep availability updated. PM Ayreus in game


For Sale:


1 Tiger fur

100 Bones Powder

5 Ring of Disengagement

5 Potion of Reasoning

10 Deer Antlers

1 Book of Advanced Alchemy

1 Puma Fur

113 Leather

1 Isla Prima Ring Building

1 Racoon hat

6 Deer Fur

5 Hammer

1 Rose Quartz Mining

357 Sulfur

1 Skunk hat

1 Red Snake Skin

2 Potion of Defense

5 Needle

2 Fur Cloak

1 Crystal Mining

1 Crystal Technology

5 Empty Vial

22 Potion of Mana

15 Potion of Minor Healing

5 Mortar & Pestle

1 Fast Regeneration Cape

1 Moon Medallion

15 Wolf Fur

2 Unicorn Medallion

5 Pickaxe

Edited by Ayreus

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i buy exc cape and the pickaxes ;p


Sorry Dal, just saw your post seconds after selling the exc cape in game, the picks are still available though :)

Edited by Ayreus

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