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The Legend of Redmoon

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The Legend of Redmoon

by MikeH




This is the story of the dragon and the volcano.


The orchan chieftan, Redmoon, had just risen to power on the large island. Though he was respected by all, there were a group of orcs that had wanted power for some time. The group of orcs, infamously known as the Shadow Legion, was led by Lashgar, a powerful orchan warlock. He grew jealous of Redmoon's power and began a plan that would end his life. Redmoon was no fool though, and knew of Lashgar's plans, so he went to a small camp on the large volcano, where the Shadow Legion dwelt. There he faced Lashgar to stop his plans from ever being carried out.


The two orchans fought for hours. Lashgar wielded powerful magic and necromancy skills. Redmoon fought almost endless hordes of Lashgar's minions. After hours they found themselves at the summit of the volcano. Both orchans exhausted from their battle looked at each other with cold eyes. Redmoon leaped off the ground striking out, bringing a finishing blow to Lashgar. The blow caused Lashgar to fall into the volcano. This was not good enough for Redmoon, so he went into the volcano to see that Lashgar's life had ended. At the deepest depths of the volcano he found Lashgar. Redmoon looked about the room they were in, and recognized it from stories of old. It was once where a great lich summoned a very powerful monster to fight his enemies. But the dark cavern they were in hadn't been used for thousands of years.


Lashgar had crawled onto a large dark pedestal in the center of the room. He laughed at Redmoon and drew a sacromial dagger. With his last ounce of strength he yelled out a dark ritual prayer.


"Keeper of darkness! You are called once again! To serve a strong follower of your original master! Leave your shadows and kill the ones that move onto your lands! Remove them from this island that was once ruled by yourself and your keeper!"


With these words, he grinned to Redmoon and thrust the dagger into his chest. Redmoon drew his axe as quick his could but it was too late. The few torches in the room burned violenty. Runes began to glow on the walls. Redmoon looked about, he knew he could not fight this foe. Quickly he ran from the room and followed the long withered path to the summit. The volcano began to react violenty, and the caverns inside began to grow unstable, rocks fell, and molten lava burst. The withered paths broke as Redmoon made his way out.


Once he was out he ran to the keeper of the volcano's dwelling, not far from the summit. The shaman there was startled by the volcano's reaction and quickly followed Redmoon to the summit. The shaman raised his staff and performed a ritual with Remoon's help to seal the volcano from erupting. The ritual was finished and the volcano died down. Redmoon sighed in relief, but soon after, a large roar was heard from within the caverns. A bright red light shown from within the volcano, and it began to shake once again. Redmoon ran to the edge of the summit looking down, and saw a large dragon flying upwards. He cursed under his breath and drew his axe. The dragon reached the summit and Redmoon leaped from volcano and grabbed onto the dragon's wings. But along with the dragon, hundreds of winglings came with it.


The dragon flew violently almost throwing Redmoon from its wings. It flew over the great orchan city and blew flames over it, and continued its violent flight. But Redmoon couldn't let go, this beast must be vanquished! The winglings that flew with the dragon struck the great orchan city as well, but some stayed with the dragon trying to kill Redmoon. He drew his large axe with one hand and stuck it into the dragons wing. With a loud screech the dragon began to bleed from its wing, and quickly fell. The dragon fell back into the volcano, Redmoon still clinging to its wings and fighting off any of the small winglings that got too close. The landed landed safely in the volcano and Redmoon jumped from its wing and began to battle it. Redmoon was no match for the dragon, but he persevered. He defended himself as he made his way back up the volcano, but without the path that was one there, this wasn't such an easy task.


The Shaman had seen Redmoon fall back into the volcano, and he knew who the creature was, and he knew Redmoon could not slay it, so he ventured into the volcano, with a large book. Redmoon continued his battle with the dragon, he thought to end it, so he took his large axe and ran to a high rock. The dragon began to build up a large amount of fire as Redmoon climbed. Quickly, he turned and leaped from his rock, with the axe above his head. And just as the dragon was to release the fire Redmons axe reached the head of the dragon. And the axe of Redmoon struck the dragon, removing it of its head. And the large fireball flew across the caverns, hitting the steady flow of lava. Redmoon collapsed after the dragons lifeless body fell to the ground. The shaman came soon after the dragon was defeated. But Redmoon was severely hurt. The shaman used his magic to cure Redmoon, and asked him of assistance to lock away the dragon's soul once again. Redmoon took one of the eyes of the dragon and placed it on the dark pedestal.


The shaman lifted his staff and said some words in the ancient tongue. The blood colored eye turned to a solid blue crystal. The shaman was pleased with it and removed the other eye of the dragon and brought it back to the city. Redmoon took his axe and removed the bones of the dragon, so that the ritual could be completed. And along with the bones, some of the dragons scales.


From the summit of the volcano they saw the numbers of the winglings quickly diminish. Redmoon and the Shaman made their way back to the ruined city. Inside a large building, built into the side of the volcano, they set up the bones and built a small shrine to place the eye upon. The shaman muttered the same ancient words and the blood colored eye turned into another solid blue crystal. And a blue light emits from the shrine to eye, showing that the spell is still strong, if it were to begin to shine red, the dragon would return to wreak havoc.


After Redmoon had nestled to his throne over the island, the Shadow Legion grieved the death of their great leader, and a young orc, filled with hatred for Redmoon and the orchans, rose to power over the Shadow Legion. He took his orcs and occupied the volcano and began build inside it. They aimed to undo the spell that held the dragon locked away.


The volcano was no longer the sacred place of the orcs, but a forbidden land of evil. The orchans continued fighting the Shadow Legion after Redmoon's death, but they were too strong, so they left them to the volcano, and built a large gate so none could enter, nor leave, the forbidden volcano.


Over time, people forgot what had happened, and the stories of the dragon fell into myths. The gates leading up to the volcano were raised, and young orchans would climb to the top as a symbol of ascent into adulthood. The blue dragon eye crystal became simply thought of as symbol of the Chieftain. But, no more than a week ago, the blue light that is shown on the dragons eye, had a purple sparkle. The shaman elders of the orchans are troubled by it, for the dragon may soon again be raised by the Shadow Legion.




~Elder Shaman Gathlar

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