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Roleplaying in the forums - a guide

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Guide to Roleplaying threads in the forums


Roleplaying in the forums works a little different from in-game roleplaying. First, the forum threads experience a certain amount of delay, thus they will move at a slower pace.


When participating in a RP thread, you should follow these rules:


1. Play your own character

Do not say what other characters do or say. You may hint to another character what you want him/her to do like: "Derin went looking for Zelse, hoping that Zelse would notice his new crown" This opens up the possibility for Zelse to "notice" Derin's new crow and inquire about it, thus expanding on a potential twist/turn to the RP.

You should also read carefully what the other players have written, sometimes they RP a different character than their EL character, so no: "assuming the above characters name is Derin." If the post does not give any clues you may inquires about it, but it is always better if you do it in a RPing style, like: "...seconds later a feran starts running down the path right below him, heading strait for what seems to be two men locked in a staredown. For a second Gibur wondered if he should help the unsuspecting men or not, then he..."


2. Stay on topic

When an episode of a RP thread evolves, help it evolve. Do not add radically different elements until the episode/encounter is finished or dealt with. Too many parallels can be very confusing and annoying to read.


3. Keep to the RP tone set by the initial poster

The starter of the RP thread is the one who set the layout for the particular RP thread or session, show enough respect and try to follow his/her idea, style and tone.



When starting a RP thread, you should follow these guidelines:


1. Read the forum rules

2. Consider joining an existing RP thread instead of starting a new one

3. Read up in the stories forum and the official website to keep the RP consistent with the game story (to avoid confusion)

4. Use a language people can read with ease, try to stay away from “U” “UR” “WUT” etc.


You might want to consider the following:

1. Make clear headings in the first post, like; Background, Scenario etc

2. List any rules or regulations you want to impose

3. Who will you be playing? Do you think you should provide a character profile/description?

4. All Eternal Lands forum rules apply.


Background: The roleplay (RP) will start somewhere. In the background you may provide some information on where the RP will take place and what led up to the point where the RP starts. Are there any “known” background facts to be disclosed? e.g. If you wish to include a “famous” book that the RPers should know about then the background is a good place to include that information.


Scenario: Every role-play is set in a particular scenario. By providing a scenario, you can show what to expect from the RP. It also provides players a platform to start with. When creating a scenario, there are two tips to follow: (1) Make sure your scenario is broad enough to cover a wide variety of characters who might join in, and (2) Make sure your scenario has an ending condition. Try not to create an "endless quest", but something with a definite start and a definite end goal to accomplish.


Style: What style do you want for the RP? Would it be humorous, mysterious, explorative etc etc? This will help to provide RPers with a sense of how they should write to fit in.


Rules or special regulations for this RP: Do you want the participants to be ex-soldiers on the run or do you want to impose restrictions on using magic etc? Remember, the better background and Scenario you write the easier it will be to find out if there should be any restrictions/regulations/rules for the RP in question.


Character Profile/Description: You might want to disclose a character description/profile so that others joining the RP will understand who you are. Other RPers joining may also introduce themselves by providing a brief profile. This could serve to avoid confusion, as you may RP another character than you in-game character.




A relative lost


Background: The gold mine in the Valley of the Dwarves has been both a home and a source of income for the small dwarven clan Ingotdigger. The lust for more riches has driven the clan members deeper and deeper into the mountain. The Ingotdigger clan is known for being both hard working and extremely unlucky. The timeframe is set around the time when the goblins were encountered for the first time.


Scenario: Bosur Ingotdigger has lost his nephew Gibur somewhere in the mines. Now he wants to search for his relative and is looking for a search party. You find Bosur sitting in Moonshadow tavern, heaving tankard after tankard of musty dwarven stout.


Style: The RP is both a manhunt and a puzzle with lots of clues and hints. Expect to use your wits and skills, but your swordarm will come in handy when a new race is encountered.


Rules: The goblin race is not common knowledge, so act as if you have never seen a goblin. The goblins are the bad yet laughable evil of fairy tales when this RP begins.



My Profile:


Name: Bosur Ingotdigger

Profession: Miner/Uncle

Background: I am the uncle of the missing nephew, Gibur. I have a gruffy attitude and do not believe in pampering the young ones, including my relatives.


Description: A fairly tall and unhealthy thin dwarf who has seen his best years. By looking at his hands you can see that he is a miner, but looking at his clothing and appearance you can also see that he has not been very lucky in his profession.


Motivation for taking part: Bosur wants to find his nephew and bring him home safely. In the back of his head a thought of Gibur finding the motherload of gold ore, serves to keep his interest a priority.


So if you want to befriend a dwarf with perhaps shady motives and a murky agenda, please join in by introducing yourselves :)


With a first post like this example you will probably set the proper tone for your PR and hopefully you will find others who would like to join you. We do not want to leave Gibur in these mines do we? :)

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