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For the guild masters

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There will be two changes that will affect the guild owners.

1. Inactive guilds (those where no player logged in for a real life month) will be deleted. We have close to 400 guilds, and since yesterday, more than half are inactive (since we just started the system, we were able to verify only those who logged in since yesterday).

The first pruning will happen next week, where all the guilds where no one has logged in since yesterday will be deleted. Further pruning will be done every month.


2. The guilds that own an merchant NPC (not a bot) have until Monday to set the enemy and allied prices accordingly, otherwise their bots will not sell to their enemies and allies (or possibly will sell for the wrong price). Keep in mind that the NPC will determine if someone is an enemy or ally by looking at your guilds's settings (ie. if you set some guild as an enemy, but they didn't set you as an enemy, the bot will give them the enemy price).

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