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Server Update

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Ok, now the guilds have an option to set enemy guilds, and if two guilds mutually declare war to eachother, their players can attack eachother anywhere in the game, with the following exceptions:

1. Only at nightime.

2. Bots can't be attacked, and should not be used to attack. If they are used to attack, they will be removed.

3. Not in the underworlds, and not on Isla Prima.

4. The summoned animals will NOT attack on non PK maps.



1. No experience is given outside of PK maps.

2. If you kill a player from a mutually enemy guild, your guild gains a frag. If you get killed, your guild loses a frag. Abusing this feature, such as creating a n00b enemy guild and killing the players just to get frags will lead to some severe punishment, ranging from losing the guild to banning the participants. So just don't do it, we log stuff and we can see if you are trying to game the system.

3. Soon there will be a page with the top guilds with the most frags.


The commands:

#set_enemy_guild guild_shortname

(declare war)

#unset_enemy_guild guild_shortname

(declare peace)


(view the enemy guilds)


In addition to that, the bug that prevented summoned animals in the arena to fight eachother under certain conditions has been fixed.

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