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Rostogol Stones

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Rostogol Stones - A bed time tale told to children.

by Teshla




A long, long time ago, there was a great stone giant whose name was Rostogol. He was very kind and generous to people and animals. He had a strong bond to every good person, animal, or creature he met. Sometimes the bond was so strong that he could hear people asking for help that were millions of miles away. With the power of this bond he could instantly move to that place and help the ones that were in trouble.


One day he met a man named Mortos. He thought that this man was a great warrior that protected humans from dangerous monsters. They became good friends quickly, fighting for good side by side. Once Mortos asked Rostogol to come with him to a high mountain. Rostogol agreed and when they reached the top of the mountain he saw that they were actually on top of a volcano with a great cliff before them and lava down below.


Mortos started laughing evily, "Your kindness makes me sick. You thought that I was fighting by your side. You naive idiot. Now I shall destroy you!"


Rostogol started to react but it was too late... Mortos threw him into the lava.


For the first time in his very long life, Rostogol became angry.


Mortos gathered his powers and blazing flames of the volcano swallowed Rostogol. After a few seconds, the volcano shot millions of small stones up to the sky where they scattered around the world.


This was the last gift of Rostogol to Mother Nature. Now sometimes you can find these stones and, with the power of a soul bound after death, you can recall items you left in the world of the living.

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