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Server Update

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Imp does fire damage and has increased fire protection.

The Phantom Warroir has been buffed up a lot, it is almost immune to physic damage, has higher defense, more hit points, better drops, ideal to train magic on.

It also has the evanescence and self destruct perks.

Removed the phantom warriors from the Morcraven Marsh and placed them in Grubanni.

Wood Sprite has a higher defense.

The rabbit was made slightly weaker.

Life drain is magic level based.

Desert, Forest and Mountain chims were slightly adjusted (more life or armor, in order to give better experience).

Free mercury in KF :D

Some monsters were moved around C2, and some new ones were added in various places. It is up to you to discover where, but I think you will like them.

The skeletons, goblins and ogre were removed from KF. Thry were replaced by 2 fluffies and a forest chim.

2 desert chims were added at an undisclosed location.

3 ogres were added in an undisclosed cave.

A new spell, Intercontinental Teleport to Portals room (teleports you to the other continent portal room). The sigils are: change global space

The damage from the I Glow in the Dark perk has been increased (it is 5 now).

A new vial seller, that sells empty vials for considerably less than Harvy (5 gold coins).

Ruins of Tirnym is no longer PK, the orcs were replaced with mountain and forest chims. There are also a few phantom warriors there (relocated from Naralik).

Some female orcs in the GC 'secret' cave.

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