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Diary of a common man

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*OK, this isn't finished at all. I'll be posting here some more. Roja and Ent: If you hate the idea, tell me :) Would save alot of work. If anyone (including Roja and Ent) likes it: TELL ME :)*



Fall, day 12


It was odd today. I walked through the Forest of the Fall, trying to find that Trader who lives there. Didn't find him. But I did find someone else. Not someone who I expected to find though. He looked kinda weird. Not his face, which was much like any Elven face, but his clothes. It was more than normal armour, maybe magical. I didn't ask him about it. I just told him the way to White Stone City. 'To the West' I said, he just nodded as an answer. Still, he seemed a nice person.



Fall, day 13


Forra asked me to deliver some flowers in White Stone City for her. When I had sold her flowers I went to the Happy Spirits Inn. The odd Elf from yesterday also was there. I ordered an ale, and went to his table. On my question if I could join him he nodded. He told me weird things. He said he was sent here by someone. I don't remember his name excactly. I think it was something like 'Aiwum'. The man said the name had an old meaning: Century. We talked a bit about the weather, but when the converstation moved to the Gargoyles which broke loose from the Castle the man's eyes got a dark shade in them. He asked me if I could get him another wine. When I returned the man was gone.



Fall, day 14


Tomorrow is the big day: End of the Fall, begin of the Dark Days. My sister and I are going to offer our calf to the Gods. I hope they'll be pleased.



Fall, day 15


The party was great. Although our offer wasn't as big as Forra's, we still think the Gods'll let us live till the next Fall. That peculiar man I met three days ago showed up. He didn't say anything though, but he did give me a note. 'Come to Fruit and Veggie's shop tomorrow.' Maybe he doesn't realise the shop is closed tomorrow. But I'll go anyway, I'm pretty curious. That man has something... familiar.



Dark Days, day 1


The man did realise the shop was closed. When I got there, he told me to grab his hand. We somehow ended up in Portland, I'm not sure how. Did I black out? I asked him if he knew that Goblins roam Portland, but he didn't seem afraid of the Goblins at all. He pointed at his cape and said that Goblins wouldn't attack him. We went to a cave. There he told me to get some rest and that he would tell me some things tomorrow.


This evening I asked Tiwo what would happen to my sister. I couldn't just leave her. He told me he'd left a message. He wouldn't let me go back to say goobye in person, he thought is was too dangerous. I'm wondering what could be so dangerous about a trip home?



Dark Days, day 2


The man did tell me things. Things I'd rather not hear. He told me Aiwum, who had sent him, was a great wizard. He could see in the Future. Aiwum had seen the Destruction of our Continent. 'Our Continent?' I asked. 'Is there another Continent?' The man nodded. 'Even more than ten others. But you aren't ready to go there - yet.' After that the story came down to that the man was going to Train me, after that I would hear the rest of the story. I'm gonna do the Training, although I don't know what to expect from it.



*this is it for now :) More is coming up*

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Although i don't think there many common men around that wrote diaries in medieval times, the setup is nice.


Good job, geelef!

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But isn't WSC to the West of The Forest of the Fall ?


Whoa, you have a sharp eye.

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Thanks guys :) And I'll have to edit that Forest of the Fall thingy...



Dark Days, day 3


The man told me his name. Tiwo, he said. When I asked what that meant, he didn't reply. Maybe he'll tell me later.

The Training has started today. Tiwo gave me a sword and some armour and told me to kill some deers. He's nuts! Only experienced warriors can kill deers...



Dark Days, day 4


It surprised me; those deers weren't so bad at all. I only got a few scratches, but those were taken care of in an instant by Tiwo's potions. Tiwo said I might be able to handle foxes and snakes. I hope so.



Dark Days, day 5


I'm way to tired to write... I'll tell it tomorrow..



Dark Days, day 6


Today's my day off. Tiwo said I should rest after yesterday. The foxes were quite easy, although one almost ripped my legs open. But the snakes were the worst. They were strong and fast. One even poisoned me. Made my whole arm turn green. I'm glad Tiwo's here to cure me once in a while - although without him I wouldn't have been here in the first place.



Dark Days, day 7


I killed some more foxes today. And those snakes are becoming quite easy too. I'm getting the hang of that Sword.



Dark Days, day 8


Today Tiwo said he had a surprise for me. We cleaned up the cave and started a hike to another cave we had seen. Tiwo said he would be waiting for me at the end. Before I could ask what he meant, he just disappeared... I wonder how he did that? I'm going to sleep now, and think about what he said.



Dark Days, day 9


I'm gonna walk through that cave, although I don't know what to expect.


Evening edit: Now I know why Tiwo led me here. The place is filled with snakes and wolves. He's testing me.

I found a safe sleeping place up a few rocks. I hope there won't be any Gargoyles in here...



Dark Days, day 10


Finally made it to Tiwo. He was waiting for me by a huge lake. He said I'm gonna learn to swim tomorrow. When I asked him how he got here he said I 'am not ready yet'. I wonder what he means?



Dark Days, day 11


It seems I'm a natural - swimming is a piece of cake! This afternoon we swam over the lake, to the end of the cave. I didn't break a sweat.



Dark Days, day 12


We're on a huge plain now. That cave is dozens of miles behind us. There are monsters here I've never seen in my entire life. Tiwo said they're called Puma's, Ogres and Orcs. He also said I'm not ready for them yet, so he kills them every time they spot us. When he does it, it looks really easy.



Dark Days, day 13


Tiwo gave me a Staff today. He said it was his once, and it has magical powers in it. He wont tell me how to use them though - it seems I gotta figure that out myself.

Tiwo also told me I could try some Puma's. Man, they're hard to hit. Reminds me of those snakes...



Dark Days, day 14


Those Puma's stay hard. I'm glad Tiwo knows how to make potions...



Dark Days, day 15


Finally killed a Puma. Maybe I'm getting the hang of that Staff. But I don't see why Tiwo let me train with that Sword...



Rise of the Sun


This evening I found out it's already the Rise of the Sun. I didn't offer anything, it seems Tiwo has also forgotten it... I hope the Gods forgive us...



Highlights, Day 1


Tiwo set up a base camp under a hanging rock. He said we're gonna stay here for a while; to theach me Manufacturing and Alchemy skills. I wonder what Alchemy is?



*You guessed it, this isn't finished either!*

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If I dare make a suggestion: you write about teleporting as if it is really natural to you. Perhaps you could weave in that it confuses you the first couple of times.

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*Nice idea Grum. I'm just used to tele ingame :D

Leeloo: Yeah, you're right about that, but I think the 'Common man' is going to be not so common at all. :) And he learned it from Tiwo, so we just have to let Tiwo die >:)*



Highlights, Day 2


Tiwo told me to hunt some deers for their meat, then he went away. I don't know where he is. I'll just go hunt.


Afternoon edit: Tiwo returned this afternoon, he brought some unusual stuff with him. I wonder if this has to do with Alchemy?



Highlights, Day 3


This day Tiwo told me to hunt foxes and rabbits, bring along their furs, bones and meat. He went away again, probably getting some more of what he brought yesterday.



Highlights, Day 4


Tiwo didn't came back yesterday. I'm just going to train some more on the snakes here, they seem stronger as the ones I've encountered before.



Highlights, Day 5


One snake managed to bite me yesterday. I hope they aren't poisonous. But I feel good, if you don't count the pain in my shoulder, so I guess I'll be fine.

Tiwo still hasn't come back.



Highlights, Day 6


This night, Tiwo finally came back. He gave me a potion to cure that bite, then he went to sleep. He looked like he hadn't slept in the past three days. I went out to get some more meat.



Highlights, Day 7


Tiwo showed me what Alchemy is. It seems to have the same meaning as manufacturing: Putting ingredients together to create another item. Only this is different, it looks more like magic. Tiwo said those strange rocks he brought with him were called 'Iron Ore' and showed me how to make iron from it. Later on, I should be able to make swords out of that Iron, along with some other metals.



Highlights, Day 8


An Orc came into our camp today. He stole some food. When I told Tiwo he disappeared, to reappear on the same spot only minutes later, bringing our food back. I still wonder how he does it?

I trained some more in Alchemy. I'm finally able to get that Iron right!



Highlights, Day 9


Tiwo showed me Titanium and Silver today. They're almost the same as the Iron, only much stiffer. Maybe you can make swords out of Titanium...



Highlights, Day 10


I'm still working on my Alchemy. It's pretty hard.



Highlights, Day 11


Today Tiwo showed me Mercury. It seems pretty dangerous. At least Tiwo handled it with utmost care. It's used to make essences. When I asked what essences are for Tiwo just answered 'Magic.' I thought magic didn't exsist...



Highlights, Day 12


We didn't do any Alchemy today. But I did learn how to make gloves, hats and cloacks. It's a boring job, it seems fit for women... But when I told Tiwo he said that warm clothes could be useful.



*More coming up*

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Highlights, Day 13


The gloves are still boring... But Tiwo said I'm improving. Maybe he'll show me some more interesting stuff later on. I've noticed an orc wandering around our camp. I'll tell Tiwo tommorow.



Highlights, Day 14


After I told Tiwo about the Orc, he disappeared once again. It didn't surprise me anymore, but I still wonder how he does it. It seems he disappears here, reappears somewhere else, does something and gets back again. He wont tell me anything about it though. Tiwo also showed me something else: leather gloves. They're pretty good for getting cactusses unburied. I might ask Tiwo to bring some to my sister.



Highlights, Day 15


After the leather gloves came other types of gloves; Tiwo said I oculd be doing steel gloves at the end of the week if I work hard enough.



Highlights, Day 19


Finally made those steel gloves. I've been working harder as ever to get it right, so I didn't write anything, didn't have the time. I'm gonna get some sleep now.



Highlights, Day 20


After those steel gloves swords seem easy to make. They don't require moving parts... Tiwo said so too, so were skipping that - now magic is up! I can't wait!



Highlights, Day 21


Tiwo said magic starts with the understanding of the elements. So we're starting with potions, their ingredients, and their effects. That way I might be able to think of new potions, or even spells. But now, we're gonna do those potions...



Highlights, Day 22


Potions are easy to create! I can already make some healing potions, without a problem. The only hard thing is to remember the right ingredients. I gonna study those.



Highlights, Day 23


Learned Potions of Attack, Defense, Combat, Body Restoration and Harvest. Tomorrow the spells are up.



Highlights, Day 24 - Feast of the Three Moons


Tiwo didn't seem to pay any attention to the Feast of the Three Moons, we're lucky if we'll stay alive this way.

I did learn about magic today. This is what Tiwo told me:

'You got to know magic before you can use it. Magic consist of three parts: essences - the magical power you need for a spell, sigils - the power needed to combine the magical essences, and some power of your own, used to activate the powers in the sigils and essences. This is a sigil'

Tiwo pulled something out of his bag. It was a bright, pulsating ball of pure energy. After that, he pulled out an essence, which looked most like a glowing rock. He told me to lay down. After I did, he put the sigil on my chest, and gave a punch on it. I could feel the energy flowing through my body. Then he gave me the essence. I could feel the power that it emitted.


Without any warning Tiwo pulled out his dagger and stabbed me in my leg. He said: 'Use magic to heal it'



Highlights, Day 25


Still haven't figured how to heal myself. Tiwo wont help me, he sais magic has to be explorered by oneself to fully grasp its vastness.




I'll just keep trying...



Highlights, Day 26


Today i felt something when I tried to heal myself. It was as if I could use some power that belonged to the universe itself. Maybe that's what Tiwo was talking about.



Highlights, Day 27


I managed to use magic to ease the pain from my wound. A bright glow surrounded me when I felt power flow into me. Only for a second though. But my wound seems to be a little smaller.



Highlights, Day 28


Today I succesfully healed myself. I was exhausted after I cast the spell, but it was worth it. Tiwo said that I should train some more with magic, because it will boost my ethereal condition - whatever that may mean.




*more tomorrow.*

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Thanks! Glad you like it. :)




Highlights, Day 29


Tiwo said I'm improving very fast, which is a good sign. I can heal myself anytime I want, so those healing potions of Tiwo aren't needed anymore. Maybe Tiwo lets me heal a rabbit tomorrow. But the real pain is making those essences, Tiwo brings the ingredients, but I got to make them myself. 'Better for your Alchemy skills' he said. I think he's just trying to keep me busy...



Highlights, Day 30


Man, the days are speeding away... It seems only two days since I first met Tiwo. All those things I've learned, all the things I've accomplished. Now even Magic, something that I never believed in.


Tiwo shot a rabbit in the leg today. He told me to heal it. It wasn't that hard, it's just a bit weird to transfer that energy onto the rabbit. Tiwo said he's going to get sigils for me, so I can cast more difficult spells. I can't wait!



Highlights, Day 31


Tiwo got some more sigils, as he promised, along with some essences.

He showed me some new spells, like poison and how to drain health, but he didn't let me study them. He wanted to teach me how to use Alchemy to create essences.



Highlights, Day 32


Essences are almost the same as potions, put this and that together, stir it a bit, heat it up and voilá: essence. The ingredients are pretty easy to chose from, I've already learned the effects of most of the important stuff.



Highlights, Day 33


Today Tiwo and I trained magic. Tiwo let me send a fireball at a rabbit. Man, it's hard to aim! Maybe you can change the path of the ball somehow...



Highlights, Day 34


I've noticed that you can steer the ball, by sending most of the energy to the left or right, the ball slightly changes direction. Makes it easier to hit those running rabbits.



Highlights, Day 35


Electrical balls are almost the same as fireballs, so we only spent an hour on those. Same goes for Air, Earth, Water, Dark, Light and Sound balls. The only hard part was the poisonball. If you miss the target and hit something else, for example a tree, that tree gets poisoned. I don't know how to cure poison yet, so Tiwo is constantly curing trees, grass and himself...



Highlights, Day 36


Aiming with poison is easier if you concentrate the energy in front of the ball, less little drops of green magic that hit something else.



Highlights, Day 37


Never missed that rabbit today. I'm learning how to Levitate - as Tiwo calls it. I call it Flying.



Highlights, Day 45


Haven't written in a while, because all the days were almost the same; Training Levitation. But today I mastered it. It's cool to surprise rabbits from above, sending a silent fireball at them.



Highlights, Day 46 - Rising of the Moon


Last day of the Highlights. It seems Tiwo wants to leave this place, I know about all the magic he knows, except the thing called Teleporting. He used it when he disappeared and reappeared those times. Maybe I can figure it out myself.



Loss of the Sun


Today we walked along the banks of a great river. I asked Tiwo what I was going to learn next, but he said I was ready.

Ready for what?



Blackened Light, Day 1


I'm practising on Teleporting at night, when Tiwo is asleep. We're still heading north. Those Orcs are getting quite irritating; but they're easy to kill. The Ogres are a bit harder, but they are too slow to hit me.



Blackened Light, Day 2


I think I Teleported this evening. I'm not sure, because it was only a few centimeters, but at least I'm making progress. This little hike of ours seems endless, and Tiwo wont tell me where were going.



Blackened Light, Day 3


I've never seen such Darkness, It's like the sun has stopped shining.

I improved on Teleporting alot. I can move across the room with ease. I'm going to try to Teleport through a wall.



Blackened Light, Day 4


Teleporting is getting easier with the minute. Walls and trees are no problem anymore. I even got back to our last camp.



Blackened Light, Day 5


Teleported back to my hometown this night. My sister was already asleep, so I just put those leather gloves beside her bed, accompanied by a note.


When I got back Tiwo was waiting for me. He said: 'I knew you would be trying to Teleport. I'm not sure if you've mastered it, so I'm gonna test you. Follow me!' He Teleported away, only two seconds later I was standing beside him again. The way he looked and the vibrations in the air told me where he had gone to. He seemed impressed. After a few more jumps in space, we got back to our basecamp. Tomorrow we're Teleporting to our Destination.

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Tomorrow we're Teleporting to our Destination.


Damn you! Adding such a cliff hanger to your story. Now I want to know the rest too!

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Heh... maybe I should wait for a week or so till my next post :P






I'm glad you guys are so enthousiastic (<--prolly a MAJOR typo) about the story.


In a few hours I'll probably have some nice things... I'll be offline now, clearing my mind O.0

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Here's some more:



Blackened Light, Day 6


This morning we Teleported to the other Continent. It's an awful place here. The grounds are unfit to grow crops, they emit a strange, green radiating fog. It seems this fog produces all sorts of weird creatures. Although they are not strong, the creatures are very fast and agile, most of them poisonous. Maybe that's why Tiwo is so experienced in everything; we're almost constantly casting spells or fighting monsters.



Blackened Light, Day 7


We slept in a tree tonight. Pretty uncomfortable, especially if you know that the tree can come to live any second and struggle you to death... But it was the safest place we could find, far above the dense fog. When we went down there were puma-like creatures waiting for us, they only had huge fangs, enourmous claws and red eyes. Killing them wasn't easy, but once we killed the first the rest seemed scared and ran off.

We've been walking along some sort of huge Lake, using a fireball as a lantern.



Blackened Light, Day 8


When I asked Tiwo where we were going, he still didn't answer. He said we went to a place where we could purge this land of the Evil. On my question why we didn't Teleport there, he said the Fog made it impossible. I think that Fog is pretty strong, if we can't Teleport through it.



Blackened Light, Day 9


Today we set up a camp along the banks of the Lake. Tiwo said we're swimming over it tomorrow. I wonder why we don't Fly?



Blackened Light, Day 10


Now I can see why we didn't Fly over the Lake, all sorts of weird birds are vulturing above it, looking for fresh prey. Each time a horde - that's the best word for it - flew over us, we took a deep breath and a long dive. The water isn't that safe either though, loads of mad fishes in there...

Just found a little rock, so I could write this down. We'll be off in a second.


Blackened Light, Day 11


We swam all night long. This evening we finally made it to shore. I'm exhausted...



Blackened Light, Day 12


We rested today. Tiwo said he will tell me the Story of Al'Darkla tomorrow. What is Al'Drakla?



Blackened Light, Day 13


I'll quote Tiwo on this one:

'A long time ago Al'Drakla was a quiet place. People lived here in harmony, only a few knew violence. We spent our time trading, learning and making music and paintings. The land was green, so were the trees. Wolfs and rabbits lived together, all creatures ate plants. These were the good days. Your home was the same.


It was in a clear summer day when our scientists found a cure for violent thoughts. This would mean the perfect society. But it went wrong. At first the substance would reduce, even eliminate violence when patients breathed it in. But when the patient got an overdosis his mind got twisted. We don't know why, or how, but all the surpressed violence found a way out. We contained the patients in a cave and the substance was thrown in the sea. Everything seemed normal again.


Until a bad, cold winters day. A ship crashed into the container which held the cure, releasing the substance in the sea and air. Almost every creature got an overdosis, turning them evil. The violence they breathed out got a semi liquid form. It's the Fog you see all around us. The fog alone is harmless, but when you're enraged it will add to your anger.


As I said, all the animals went evil. The Elves which hadn't been affected by the cure formed a group. They decided to split this Continent into multiple smaller ones, hoping one of those new Continents would be fog free, so we could leave in peace once more. The group somehow combined all their magic and splitted the Continent. But almost every Continent got affected by the fog anyway. Your Continent got the smallest amount of Fog, but loads of fierce animals. A few affected Elves managed to get onto that Continent.


When the Fog slowly faded away, most of the animals turned back normal. Some didn't, Goblins and Orcs for example. The Elves didn't fully recover. They managed to build up a thriving civilisation, but violence still was a part of it, wars and fights were common.


After a few centuries, men and dwarves started to show up in the your Continent. It seems they invented boats and made it to the the place you call Lakeside Village. We think the Continent known as Isla Prima was hardly affected by the Fog, and only friendly creatures got on it. It's pretty small though.'


That's Tiwo's story. He wont tell me anything more about it, maybe later... I just don't see what it has to do with me. Yet.

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Thank you. :)

I'm gonna get some sleep now; I haven't slept in 38 hours o.0 Maybe some posting tomorrow. Not sure though, got exams on monday.


<.<.|.>.> O.O <.<.|.>.>


*me giving exams tha finger*



*Stolen from someone (dunno who anymore) who made a finger to sleep. Just trying 2 B c00l 2... :)*

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Blackened Light, Day 15


We went inside a cave. In it was a huge, forgotten city. It was called Tyr'Namur. Tiwo lead me to a strange looking building, it was like a huge ball, with dozens of needles coming out of it.


We went in, it seemed that the inside had been magically enlarged somehow. The outside was much smaller. The room itself was round, grey walls, a grey ceiling, and a grey floor. On the floor was a circle of blue light. On the outside of the 2 inch wide line were old runes, moving, changing shape. Tiwo said that this was the most powerful force. If I could control, or even understand it, I would be really powerful.


He made me walk in the circle. When I crossed the line, it felt as if I left my body behind. All troubles of age, memories were gone. Tiwo also stepped in. He looked different, not like an old warrior, but more like a vital young man. His scars were gone, his hair was a bit longer. That was the moment I understood. This was Time. Right that second all sorts of weird thoughts flowed in my mind. I saw kingdoms rise and fall, wars being decided by a single man, civilisations grow. It went on for ever. Finally I was able to step out of the circle. The heavy burden of Age came back to me again.


On my question how long we were in the circle, Tiwo answered 'Forever and never. You were in there for the entire span of the Life of this Universe. But to the outside it was nothing more than a split second, the time you needed to move your feet in and out of the circle.'




Blackened Light, Day 16


I'm trying to figure out what had happened in that circle. According to Tiwo it should help me out alot. But I don't feel different. I can't do special things. Maybe Time didn't do what it had to do.

We're still in the Tyr'Namur, Tiwo seems to be looking for something. He wont tell me what it is. That's a surprise.



Blackened Light, Day 17


It seems Tiwo has found what he was looking for, we're moving South once more.

I still don't have any luck with Time.



Blackened Light, Day 18


I'm wondering if Time is magic? Maybe it has nothing to do with magic.

The Evil creatures are getting more Evil by the step, it seems. We are almost constantly under attack. The only way we can get some sleep is to summon a magical barrier, while one sleeps, the other supports the barrier.



Blackened Light, Day 19


Tiwo said we're getting close to our First Destination.

Time is still a mystery to me; I can't get any power of it, I don't improve because of it.



Blackened Light, Day 20


I read my previous entry, and something struck me. Time DID learn me something, it learned me everything I know. Time equals to knowledge and power. The more Time you've seen, the stronger you are. I need to figure some stuff out, but that seems the main point.

Tomorow we'll reach that Destination Tiwo was talking about.



Blackened Light, Day 21


A pack of wolves kept us busy this afternoon, so we didn't make it to wherever we should make it to. But it is behind the mountains we are resting under.


I figured out Time. The more Time I spend on something, the stronger I will be. So, before I can do great things, I need to spend Time on it; Time for Preparation, Time for Planning, Time for Training and, ofcourse, Time for doing it. Time on itself is useless, but Time combined with Knowledge and Skills mean endless power. The only problem is, these tree parts are limited. So everyone has a certain boundary of power. Except for the Gods; They have more than enough Time, Knowledge and Skills.

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:) Here's some:



Blackened Light, Day 22


This morning I asked Tiwo if he could give me some more Time, so I could Train more for my upcoming task. He just smiled and said: 'You finally figured it out, didn't you? I guess you're ready to see Him then.'

He wouldn't tell who this 'Him' was, or what he could do, nor did he say anything about Time. We're gonna Fly over the mountains, it's pretty dangerous, but if we went around them, it would take forever. Well, a shorter forever than the forever in the Time room, but still.


Evening edit: We fought off loads of birds. Although they are not strong or fast, they are with many, so it's hard to kill all of them. But we managed.

When Flew over a valley, with a small, probably empty cottage. That would be our Destination. We landed a few hundred meters away from it. We're still where we landed. Trying to get some sleep. It surprises me that there are so little monsters here.



Blackened Light, Day 23


This morning, when I woke up, Tiwo told me what he had been searching for in Tyr'Namur. It was a part of the Sigil of Knowledge. Legends say this Sigil once was created by a great Alchemist, but he split it into two pieces when he found out this Sigil would mean a step closer to endless power. The second part is in the cottage we're near. We are going to get the other part.


When we entered the cottage I knew why there were so little monsters around it. The cottage's hall was just long stairs down, leading into the dark. Out of that dark came an enourmous growl, scratching of sharp claws against the floor, the sniffing of a huge, wet nose.


Tiwo Lighted the Stairs with his firemagic, I took lead and went down. After what seemed hundreds of steps, we made it a platform, on the other end the stairs just went on. The sniffing and scratching was getting louder and louder. I took out my staff, Tiwo readied his magic. We took the stairs once more, Tiwo's fireball floating around us, illuminating the path.


Beneath us awaited a huge wolf, steam coming out of his nostrils, red eyes piercing through the dark, his feet scratching. Tiwo shouted something, and sent a huge energyball at the wolf. The wolf cried as one of his feet got burned, and threw himself at Tiwo. I poked the wolf with my staff, sending lightning through the its body. The struggle went on, the occasional cry of the wolf was the only thing that cut through our magical chants. Finally, after what seemed ages, the wolf fell down, dead. His body was scorched, his eyes blind, his paws sensless. We made it.

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I figured out Time. The more Time I spend on something, the stronger I will be. So, before I can do great things, I need to spend Time on it; Time for Preparation, Time for Planning, Time for Training and, ofcourse, Time for doing it. Time on itself is useless, but Time combined with Knowledge and Skills mean endless power. The only problem is, these tree parts are limited. So everyone has a certain boundary of power. Except for the Gods; They have more than enough Time, Knowledge and Skills.


LOL. Can I quote you on that, next time a noob starts asking stupid questions?

Good luck with your exams.

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Thanks, I'll need it.. Totally screwed up chemistry today o.0


And, iff you want to, ofcourse you can quote the Time :) Although I don't think n00bs (note: NOT newbies) will understand it anyway...




Blackened Light, Day 24


We didn't notice it before, but we are in a huge underground room. The ceiling is too high to see, although it's supported by many pillars. The floor is covered with bones and belongings of previous warriors, who tried to get past the wolf.

On the other end of this room is a gate, above it old Ruins, of a language long forgotten. Once we reached it, Tiwo stretched out his arms and mumbled something. The gate didn't open. Then, with a loud scream Tiwo sent some weird force at it. The gate shattered, sending pieces flying through the entire cave. Behind the gate was a passageway, leading to a small door.

I opened the door. It lead to nothing more than a small closet, but in it was a piece of rock, glowing blue. 'That's the other half of the Sigil' Tiwo said.



Blackened Light, Day 25


Tiwo put the two pieces together this morning. Then he implanted the sigil into my body. The power of it is incredible. I can solve the hardest of problems with the greatest ease if I use that power. Amazing. It makes my blood rush through my veins every time I think of it, every time I think of the things I could do.

Tiwo said I need to adapt to this new Knowledge, so we're staying in the cottage for a while. Not in that huge cave, but in a small, cozy room, which Tiwo found.



Blackened Light, Day 26


We are resting for the time being. The surge of power hasn't faded a bit, but I'm getting used to it. I don't get that adrenaline rush I got before. But the power still makes my hart pound, I can't help to focus my thoughts only on my new Knowledge. It seems endless.



Blackened Light, Day 31


I'm almost used to the new power now. We are moving on, to our Second Destination. It seems I'm going to meet a person, who can give me loads of Time. We are heading East now, we've passed a few creeks, and alot of Forest. We set up a basecamp in this hidious forest. At first I didn't notice, but the trees are all dead, only weed seems to florish. I hope we get out of here very fast.

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