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i cannot log on

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hi, my situation is that me and my brother both play the game.

and if sometime you saw the same id for the 2 characters, its becoz when we are at my flat, or both at parents home, we've got only one computer... still we are 2 players for 2 characters!

i just made a new character today in order to chat and get help, but i swear ill kill it as soon as i get back mine!

ive been playin at least 2 months night and day, we are so addicted, would u plz unlock our charracters and tell us solutions to keep playin with our special conditions?

our names are fligedit and horn3t.

would u hav mercy for us pleeeease, im so addicted.

i hope u'll be comprehensiv, im impatient to get ur answer.




ps: do u need my brother to ask the same help from his id, so u 'll get a proof of what i say?

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Moved from Help Me to Bans.

hi, ive been to the broterhood of bane website, i registered, but i didnt understand the way to get unbanned! :P

can i explain my situation to the moderator who banned me?

shall i first become a member of the guild of bane or shimmering wave, to get unbanned?

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