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Taking a vacation

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Starting on 3rd of August, me and Roja will be going over to Romania, and we'll be back on 19th. We don't want to touch any computer during that time, so any e-mails and PMs will not be answered until we come back. We also encourage people NOT to e-mail or PM us unless it's absolutely necesary, as we won't be able to respond to a lot of e-mails when we get back.


The shop will be 'closed', sort of. That is, any order placed during that interval will not be honored until we get home. I will, however, give some items to Learner so he can sell them to you, but do NOT send the money to my address. The best way is to contact him to see what's available and where/how to make the payment.


While we are away, Learner will be in charge with all the technical stuff as well as with various moderation issues. Since me and Roja usually do not interfere with the moderation, this shouldn't change much.


No updates will hapen in this interval, unless there is some critical server bug that needs to be addressed.


Unfortunately, we had a lot of problems with this 1.3.1 update (bugs, CVS server not working, and so on) so since this update was supposed to be a bug fixing update, there is no point in releasing it prematurely, to replace some bugs with other bugs.

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