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Kings of choas game

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generally I dont really go for browserbased games.

And I make no exception on this one, becuase it does look....pretty crap :P

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it is a crap game, i should know, i was beta tester when the spies first came out.


Its basically a popularity contest, and causes lots of spaming, like this one, trying to get people under you, and to click for you (so you get more troops and gold). If its anything like a few years ago when i poked around at it, its run by a small gang that have managed to get houndreds of people to sign up under them. Its a pretty pointess game, to get anywhere you need to make allies, and to do that they will have you clicking their links all day long. Did i mention the amount of spam like this that the game made? Oh, isent there a rule about spaming?

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