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My Char Hacked!

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My char, Redian, was hacked.


If this really happend, this should be in the abuse section. If you didnt share your pass with somebody else and it got 'hacked' that way, then the devs/mods should be able to help you.

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ok i know what happenned.

I know redian in RL and his internet was out for a few weeks so he couldnt play

when he was playing though he had told his pass to radien

i pm'ed redian (he is on my buddy list) only to find it was radien because 1 he said so and 2 redian internet was out which proves he actually was hacked

later near when he was locked i think he put me on ignore cause he didnt want to talk to me and was maybe doing illegal stuff or whatever hence the lock


my 2 cents :evilgrin:

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I dont think that helps at all, the rule 4 after the last update:


4. Do Not Give Out Your Password.

Once you give your password out to anyone, even for the purpose of character sharing, you relinquish all rights to that character. Eternal Lands is not responsible for the return of your character or account, or for the actions of your character once you have disclosed your password.

As of 9th of April 2006, if anyone contacts us about stolen characters, their IP will be permanently banned.

We are tired of babysitting the morons who get scammed, and our time is more precious than that.

If you are so stupid to get scammed, you shouldn't be playing our game in the first place, let alone contact us to fix your mistake.

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Right...About that. I guess i was being very stupid and wanted "the best" for my char. I was thinking my internet would be out for a really long time...besides that, i have nothing to do with being locked. :)


I read the rule now, and I understand what i did was very stupid, and it won't happen again. Could I have another chance?

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