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Update about the update

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Last time we've announced that the Hydrogenium ore will be in the game this week, but we found out that there is a big problem, you can bypass a maze/pk map using the teleport to range spell, which would make the hydrogenium ore quite common.

Since this problem can be fixed only by editing the map (there are other ways to fix it, but they are mostly dirty hacks), we can not have the hydrogenium in the game prior to the client update, which is scheduled sometime in June.

We are almost ready with that update, which will features some new maps, 3 new regular monsters and a summonable only monster, various client improvements and bugfixes, the new swords, new armor, and the hydrogenium harvesting.


We estimate we will start having a release candidate in 2 weeks, which will be tested on the test server for 1-2 more weeks, so the update should be somewhere in the mid to late June.

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