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The knights of Mirandor

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Near the center of the ocean lies and island controlled by knights. Once from White stone they were and went searching for Ilrion, but they did not suceed and thier ship smashed to bits on a rocky island. The leader of the knights was called Mirithor, and he selfishly named the isle after himself and renamed the knights to the knights of Mirandor. Of corse the knights braugh thier wives and children for they planed to stay in Ilrion but since they did not have a ship to get them there the knights formed a coleny on the isle. The isle of Mirandor was about twice the size of the isle of prima, and it had lots of trees and spring that came from its solitary mountain. Stone was hard to find so the coleny was forced to make thier fort and buildings out of trees. Sadly trees can catch on fire and the fort burnt down and had to be rebuilt. The knights soon realized that the wood on the island was'nt just good for building forts but they could make ships too. At first they just made fishing ships for more food, for food was becoming rare on the isle, but soon they made a small packet and a few of the knights went out to sail for whitestone and bring back supplies so they could make better boats and bring more people home. The trip lasted about 3 months and they returned back with supplies. When they returned to the isle nobody wanted to return and one man claimed he had found a deposit of a certan rock that blew up when fire is thrown into it.


Ok finish it later spell check comes last when im done so mind my spelling...

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Maybe you should think about writing stories in a text editor and running spellcheck before you post them. Otherwise it looks like a good start for a story.


PS: Couldn't they get stone from the mountain?

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