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C2 quest

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Ok Ilrion is like a new world to the people of seridia so I thaught I would write out a quest about some settlers.


Target Intermediet (About male Goblin lvl + long quest)


Reward 3000 gold and when you type #beam me home you end up in a village in irlion.


Locations Portland, One of the snowy maps in c2 ( This quest would need a half built village made out of wood on a snowy Ilrion map)


Triggers and effects Collect 1000 gold for crossing to Irlion , Collect 100 logs for making the settle ment , Bring 10 Dire wolf furs ( would need to make a new animal About male goblen lvl darker than normal wolf)


Storey The town of Portland is crowded and a group of people wish to move to the new world and creat a settlement. You come along and want to go with them. After collecting the gold and returning to the man you can go to the entrence to c2 pay and take a ship that goes to a snowey map (This ship would be becide the ship that takes you to the big town on c2 and you can take ship if you've started the quest) You arive at a half built town, you go speak to the village leader and he will tell you that the village needs more logs. Once you have collected 3400 logs and put them in the town storage speak to the man again. This time he tells you that dire wolves are atacking the town and that if you bring him 10 dire wolf furs he will give you a reward (which is 3000 gold and the settle ment becomes your home*which means you dont have to pay the 1000 every yime you go to ilrion.


Not finished will be edited soon!

Edited by Derin

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Sirrobin, a few comments.


One: Do this on your own and not a forum post. Doing it here will make sure that its not added since people will see how to do it. Once you are done, PM it to me over the forums.


Two: #beam me will work for c2 and c1 seperately one day, a quest wont be needed


Three: Work on your spelling and grammar ;)

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