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I was writing thi for a different game but it seemed to kinda fit with El




Templers last stand


Arrows soared over the plains of the southern fields as the army's of the north who used to abide in the lands of seridia and are now no more, clash with their southern enemies to save their home. The young archer Templer draws up his bow and fires a shot at the oncoming attackers from the south. The archers were protected by a crude line of wooden stakes in the ground which provided little defense except versus cavalry.

Knights from the southern realms pointed their lances directly at the wall of sticks and charged. The first few horses got caught in the sticks and fell on top of there riders. But once all of the sticks had horses stuck to them the others just leapt off their mounts and pulled out their broad swords. Archers were good for long range but when they get into melee things change. Behind the archers was a cliff, the commander of the northern peoples had chosen that’s spot for attackers could not attack from behind. The only problem with the cliff was it was impossible to escape so the Archers were either slaughtered by the cavalry or jumped off the cliff. Templer was one of the ones who jumped off the cliff but as he was about to hit the ground a giant eagle flew underneath him saving his life. From then on Templer was the last of his race and always favored birds!

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Well I th ink you need to make it longer by adding more depth to it..right now it's pretty weak as a story, but if you add to it it might turn into a good short story ;)

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