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The night covered Seridia

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The night covered Seridia with darkness. Who knows what could hide in it...

Whole land was silent, while the peace was disturbed only by one man. A man in violet cape was running on the dusty road, looking behind his back.

His arm was hurt, and blood was falling on the dark ground.

While the moon was hign on the dark sky, the man was still running. He couldn't stop. The price for stoping was too expensive.

His experience lead him where he was. In the middle of nowhere. In the dark...

Suddenly, bright light was all around him. He knowed what was happening. With his other arm, he grabbed his axe and prepared. Prepared for the last fight.

Doum, doum !! He heared it. It was coming, with its red eyes which was glowing in dark. So brightly, so mad.

It jumped, jumped hign like it wanted to cover the moon, but the man was ready. He swinged with his axe, and he hitted the beast. The dark blood covered his titanium armor. BUt it wasnt over yet...

He continued to run, run faster like never before. The beast was trying to get the other chance, the chance to escape. But he wasnt thinking of going back now. Now or never!

Wounded beast suddenly stop after a long run,like it was fighting for the breath, and looked at sky. The moon was falling down, making space for the sun. Only couple of moments before the night will be over...

Man followed the trail of dark blood, and he came to a statue. A statue, that he recognise right away.

With no emotions on his face, he grabbed the axe and cutted off the head of statue. He putted the head in his backpack, and continue down the road while the light of sun was covering the land.

Still, if you are passing down the roads of Desert Pines by night, remember this story. It can be helpful, like it was to me...

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