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The Legends of #Beaver

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The Legends of the #Beaver



Legend has it, that one day, long ago, before the great meltdown that killed all the players of the Eternal Lands, before the horrible server update that changed the economy of seridia forever, before gold coins were valuable, there was the Beaver. way back when, the Beaver was a populer creature. it's fur could sell for a fortune, newbies could get rich in days. many believe it was because if you gave them to a certain NPC, it would increase one of your attributes. others believe it was because it could be used to manufacture those lovely fur hats, but the true reason has been lost since the server meltdown. but there was a group of people that worshiped the Beavers, and hated those who made fur hats and sold beaver remains to NPC's. and so, the Great Beaver, ruler of all Beavers, devised a plan to use these worshipers to take over seridia and end the tormenting of the beavers, so he blessed them with a power; all they had to do was give the command #Beaver before the did anything, and they would gain more experience. because of this, the Beaver worshipers began to gain high levels in all the skills, and were plotting to take over the land of Seridia, and bring peace to the Beavers. but, somehow, word got out of this power they had, and it became common knowledge in seridia. people all over the lands were using the power of the #Beaver and so the the Great Beaver was angered at his worshipers, so he possessed the mighty Entropy, creater of all things in Seridia, and caused him to kill the NPC that bought beaver furs, to change the economy and make the manufacture skill worthless, and so ended the rain of terror on the Beavers. some Beaver worshipers remain, and still use the #Beaver. rumor has it that in some cases, it has been proven to work, but only the greatest of the Beaver worshipers have had success. The worshipers of the beaver claim that the Great Beaver still lives, making his home on the island of Roanof, where he can forever live in peace away from newbies. but there are some that believe the Great Beaver is only on Roanof to take over the minds of the Moderators, they claim this is what almost caused the leaving of Crannog and Jezebell from our Eternal Lands, but most believe that the moderators are just retards, and corrupted themselves. These legends are all that reman of the history of the great Beavers, much of it was lost in the meltdown, when most of the historians of the Beaver left our Eternal Lands, it is your choice to believe these legends or not, but always remember; dont hurt the beavers, or the Beavers will cause Entropy to ruin the economy again!!!



Alderan, the last remaining historian of the Beavers.

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no!!! how dare you impersanate the Great Beaver? now his evil wrath will come down upon us!





lol :(



P.S. i hope this can be put in fan fiction on el.not (or, better yet, in the game :P )




AngryBeaver, were you even around back then? :hug:

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I think the only one qualified to evaluate your story is Lotharion... :P





Amen! I liked reading about the ebul #beavers...nice work!

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The True history of #beaverism, as it was passed down to me by the great #beaver #under-the-#Gazebo. Your interpretation was greatly enjoyed by the Brotherhood, but we are far from extinct, and we shall rise to power once again [insert ebul laughter]. [thunder+flight of bats].


Here goes the true revelation of #beaver...


In the beginning there was nothing and the world was flooded.


Than...from an unexplainable dissolution of the unspeakable #beaver in the mysterious realm; under-the-#gazebo, came the first divine beings; #castor and #majava. Soon they decided to inhabit the flooded lands and so they started to gnaw the wood and mud of Under-the-#gazebo to build the great world-dam. And soon the land was dry and #Majava and #castor roamed it.


The first era of #Beaver had dawned.


Soon #majava and #castor became bored with the empty land and they started gnawign the wood and mud of Under-the-#gazebo to make statues to keep them company and so the image of man, elf and dwarf, and all the animals that walk, creep swim or fly were created. The elves were mostly composed of slender resilient wood, while dwarves were crafted mostly from the heavy and though mud and rock of Under-the-#gazebo. Humans were made of equal proportions of dirt and wood. And in this mixture they became the most versatile, but also most shortlived of all the races.


and with them the second Era of #Beaver dawned


And than darkness fell upon the land. As in the void created by the building of #Castor and #majava spawned the supreme evil Fluffor of lepus, the demon of the night. Fluffor descended to the dry lands and with him came desire and hatred. Castor greeted the unknown guest and was mauled by the gangs of Fluffor. Than fluffor violated the sanctity of #majava. And this unholy union had planted the seed of life in #majava. It grew big inside her. Soon she realised that to stop the fruit of her womb to grow evil, it would have to be born before it's time, and it could not bear the fur of Fluffor. So #majava sacrificed her life in a great and valiant struggle she cut open her own belly and stripped herself of skin and fur. The little sibling she brought to life, she clothed in her skin, and the skin of castor.


And there was Hat.


And so the One Hat came into being.


The One hat carried the supreme life-giving force of Under-the-#gazebo and it brought life to the statues made by #castor and #Majava. Soon the living statues dwindled, as they needed food to sustain themselves lest they would die and revert to the wood and mud of #under-the-#gazebo. So #majava sacrificed her dying breath to save the life created in the wake of the One Hat. And there was pie.


And so the Era of Pie dawned upon the world.


And yet, the Evil, even though it was greatly weakened by artefacts the One Hat and Pie, did not relent to the Glory of #Beaver! In an evil plot to corrupt the servants of #Beaver, the Evil forces amassed great energy to melt the very rocks of the earth, luring in innocent travellers, enticing them to drop their guard and submit themselves to the corrupting powers of the universe.


And there was Lava.


To this very day, the followers of #Beaver combat the devious spell that Evil cast upon the lands! Luring men to their doom with the red-hot glow of lava, enticing them to renounce #Beaver and embrace the Evil Fluffor

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