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Rivans and the Red Moon Wars

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This is a poem from the rivan point of view hope you like it.



Rivan Warriors and the wars of the Red Moon


The birds were singing, their evening song

When suddenly everything went so wrong.

People were gasping, pointing at the sky,

Holding each other in fear, but why?

“Look at the moon!â€Someone managed to say.

“What can be making it look that way?â€

Indeed the light that the moon did shed

Now had turned a bright crimson red.

An ill wind was blowing through the trees

Causing leaves to whither in the breeze.

And even the ground began to shake

as if the dead were about to wake.


It was than the message came to grahm’s village

That hordes of gargoyles were starting to pillage.

From Vermor Castle they did pour,

The land of White Stone was now at war.

Soldiers were needed to come and to fight.

To stop the advance of this dreaded blight.

“Be calm, do not panic.†Sgt Stryker said

“The military is strong and being well led.â€

But than word came to the people’s dismay,

armored goblins were now joining the fray.

Fighters were needed throughout the land.

The war was not going as well as planned.


Rivan Warriors heard the urgent call

And rushed to White Stone, one and all.

Gizz gave the order “Riva prepare.

To the fight we must go.†He did declare.

This was not training, this fight was for real;

Soon these foul beasts would taste Rivan steel.

So weapons that for so long were stored

Would now be used against this horde.

Their strongest armor they now dawned.

Preparing to meet the foe where it spawned.

And marching away in the red moon light,

Rivan Warriors were an amazing sight.


In beautiful Tirnwood, the home of the elves,

The fair people could not stop the advance by themselves.

Mighty Kedan with awesome strength and skill

Five of the armored foes was he able to kill.

But their numbers proved to be too great

and it was there that Kedan met his fate.

From Portland next came the call

And Rivans went to prevent its fall.

Ogres would overrun the mines unless

Rivan warriors were to meet with success.

“I cannot beat an ogre†Monkeyki was heard to say.

“But if I die, I die. I will fight them anyway.â€


Crystal Caves in Desert Pines where all the miners go

was invaded by cave trolls. A most horrifying foe.

Side by side fought brave Soad and Olivia young and fair.

But fighting trolls was beyond her skill and Riva lost her there.

And the Valley of the Dwarves where the little people dwell

Was attacked by goblins, skeletons and female orcs as well.

It was here that many Rivans had their first real taste of blood.

Fighting goblins in the rain, trudging through the valley’s mud

Powerful Phoenix83 his sword slashing left and right,

killing every foul goblin that came within his sight

Damned Angel and Rolandreeve always bringing up the rear.

Finding many of the battles over by the time that they came near.


In Kilaran Fields where so many proud warriors train

Chimeran wolves would prove to be the warrior’s bane.

Many would lose their lives in the bloody battles there.

While fighting these foul monsters many offered up a prayer

As the moon’s strange color faded with the coming of the light

To Isla Prima came the wounded to be healed and set right

And just as it looked as if the fighting would finally cease

Rivan Warriors learned that there would be no lasting peace

With White Stone again under ruthless attack.

The Lady Adarah was forced to fight back.

And Deathguard was there to fight at her side.

Protecting the lady that is Riva’s pride.


Ogres had White Stone Castle under attack

and the Rivan leader Coco was there to drive them back

And powerful Mauriciom striking blow upon blow

How many of the foe he killed only the gods will ever know.

Oneforone fighting In Nordcarn to the chilly north

amazing swordsmanship was he able to bring forth.

Many brave warriors lost their lives to these monstrosities

and Rivan Warriors were there to help stop the atrocities

With the enemy again driven from their fair shores

Rivan Warriors were able to find rest from the wars

But still an ominous wind does blow and things are not quite right.

So Rivans keep your weapons close and watch the moon at night.

Edited by kalhan

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ahh, I love your poems! I will read and edit it more when it is not late, but I did see this.


And rushed to White Stone one and all.

And rushed to White Stone, one and all.


Just my suggestion.

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