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The Battle at the Well

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I enjoyed the story about Trik and all...i wrote up a bardic song of the battle with the orcs...hope lobonar doesnt mind :D




:sits on his bench in front of the tavern's fire and clears his throat:


1. All know the tale of brave Trik and how he won his name,


2. But few are left who know the truth, of the battle that brought him fame.


3. 'Twards the bustling city of Portland an Orcish horde did march,


4. Yet few tale-tellers would return, to rue the day they left 'neath their cavern's arch.


5. An ambush set 'twixt Desert and Town, on dusty trails thought their own,


6. Trik and his brave band rained death down, and so won renown.


7. The tribesmen fled into the hills, the Orcs in hot pursuit


8. (unmindful of their dying comrades, or their own fate to shortly follow suit.)


9. For three more days they fought on the dusty canyon trails, a deadly game of cat versus mouse,


10. Until at last, tired and sore, Trik's brave men fell back towards home, and fortified Trik's own house.


11. One hundred men remained, to face over twice that the Orcish number,


12. And as guttural snarls echoed cross the village square, in the distance, men heard thunder.


13. Whilst lightning flashed and rain poured down, Trik's friends battled their foe.


14. They fought valiantly, that cannot be denied, yet the orcish number ground them down, even so....


15. Until they heard their loved ones' screams as the orcs found where they hid....


16. "Once more, ATTACK!" urged Trik, and so his stalwarts charged as he did.


17. Their blades were slick with Orcish blood, but still their numbers fell,


18. A scant score rallied to Trik where he battled near the village well.


19. His wild eyes found the Orc chieftain and Trik surged yet again into the fray,


20 Certain if he killed the Orc's driving force, his battered men could still carry the day.


21. As Trik held the chieftain's severed head, the last orcs fled with thier tails 'tween their legs...


22. But tho they drank from the cup of Victory, Trik, and his remaining ten, tasted but the bitterest of dregs.




lemme know what u think : :angry:

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Ok, this is in red_knight :D .


Anyway, looks great. Pause is 4 seconds (For the programmers- 4*1000 SDL Ticks).

BTW- Red_Knight knows the story as "The Battle at the Well"...well, because I couldn't find an actual title anywhere for it.

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Prattler has a per line pause based on the line length, and an additional pause at blank lines (and he doesn't say a blank line). The not saying a blank line could be removed.


I'm also going to be setting it up so that they can be requested as well.


Keep in mind that not all bardic tales need to be musical, poetic, or rhythmic. Some of the old grand tales are simply told in the third person of someone watching the events, others are first person. But the better they sound, the more popular they can be.

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Well Nynda uses 6 seconds, and i've had one guy telling me it should be longer.

I guess there's a big difference in people's ability to read english fast.

I have the 2 bardic tales and a few other longer texts, and i was surprised to see people would often actually sit through the whole "Grues and their Ways" - which is the most popular by far.


Stories only on request - channel 110 or by pm.

Edited by Lyanna

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