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Contest Entry 2: Poetry

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here is a sillier poem with no forth wall. I was requested to put it on a seperate thread which apparently means it qualifies as an entry. .... I wasn't expcting that. Thanks Lyanna.



The Ballad of the New Player


Starting Isla Prima, day one, EL night.

You’re a happy little newbie slaying bunnies left and right.


Here’s a NH come to chat with you; he guides you to the boat.

You kill your first beaver in W.S. and spend some time to gloat.


Not even level seven, so you’re right back at the beam,

Those Vermor Castle monsters are the meanest things you’ve seen.


Now get up! You’re table hunting; travel quick from town to town.

There are five tavern-bars to visit, the gargoyles can’t pin you down.


Starting to gain skills now, at least at chopping flowers.

Sitting there in VotD, lilacs tremble at your powers.


Where will you go from here?

Fighters go on to their very first deer.

Manu freaks sew scarves for hours

Alchemists are crushing flowers.

Mages do good deeds at Beam,

Where scavenging Summoners are often seen.

Crafters haunt the libraries

And Potion Mixers wield their tools with ease.


Your storage list grows long, grows tall.

and finding a chat gives you no trouble at all.


Hourely harvests help you grow stronger

The required exp only gets longer and longer.


The you reach a level twenty skill, and that tag besides your name,

Says “Hey! I’m not just some newbie!â€. God I love this game.



soooo.... yeah. I also added/edited some verses.

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one change, hourely -> hourly


converted and will be added to the list shortly


edit: I'm not sure that this really suits being published in game

Edited by ttlanhil

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I agree ttlanhil. Its and Out of Character story, that is a story that has connections to the real world. We could have a place for OOC stories? not in game I suppose.

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There has been something set up for all stories that do not fit in with the main storyline or are too far off the mark to go in game. Eternal-lands.net is where all fan fiction will go, which is the category things like this fit best in. That is not to say, however, that there can not be a "secret" library somewhere filled with this knowledge. Unolas, i believe, is the goddess of knowledge. So it could be Unolas' secret library...or something.


[edit] wrong god, fixed

Edited by Quinticus

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