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PineAppleBob, the grue-hunter


Many of us have seen friends and family taken by the grue.

Some of us have probably been attacked by the grue ourselves, and lived to tell the tale.

Most people will avoid the grue, for we know that we cannot win such a battle.

But one man was determined to try. His name was PineAppleBob, and he wanted to kill what no other had killed before, the almighty grue.

He had a problem, though.

"How does one kill a Grue?" he wondered. "Weapons of steel and titanium? or magic? or could i starve him to death?"

Fancying himself a mighty fighter, Bob purchased a titanium axe and a serpent sword from a friendly neighborhood shady arms dealer, and set out hunting.

"Where would I find a grue?" Bob mused. "He seems to strike at random... Perhaps the best bet is to wait where many people are. I know! many people sit near Raven, swapping stories and working, that would be an ideal place to wait!"

So Bob set off to meet Raven.

The trip was uneventful, though Bob did collect the remains of several rabbits, thinking they may be used as bait.

Bob sat and chatted with several other people, careful not to mention his plans, for the grue may be listening.

For some time, there was no sign of the grue, and Bob began to wonder. "Perhaps it knows I am here... Could it actually fear me?"

But then! The sight that Bob had been waiting for, someone had stopped moving, and had the look of frozen fear that one about to be attacked by the grue often shows... Bob prepared to leap.

Just as the grue attacked, Bob sprung up, swinging axe and sword... to no avail. The grue's laughter faded away as it took its victim.

Weapons had failed. The next option was magic. Bob prepared for the next encounter, and waited.

The grue knew that Bob was waiting, but it did not seem to care, so Bob waited, and chatted some more. The conversation was different now, as others knew Bob was trying to fight the grue, a seemingly impossible task that could mean trouble for all others nearby.

It was not long before the grue returned to claim another adventurer, and Bob activated his runes, "Destroy. Magic. Death."... the Grue paused, suprised by this... But there was ultimately no effect on the grue.

Bob sat down to plan his next move. He did not feel like chatting anymore, but that was just as well, for the other people were not comfortable talking with Bob either.

"Perhaps all i can do is save people, one by one... maybe the grue would stop coming if it didn't get any victims" mused Bob.

So Bob waited.

The grue did not come.

Bob sat back and wondered if the grue had truly gone, then noticed that another person was showing the frozen fear of a grue victim, Bob jumped up and shook the man, waking him.

The grue did not come.

Bob waited, and several times again, woke people from the frozen fear of the grue. None were taken.

"This really does work!" thought Bob. "I must tell everyone about this!"

But before Bob could tell everyone, the frozen fear came over someone again. Bob could not tell everyone how to fight the grue, for he was its next target.

He knew how he could be saved, but could tell no-one.

Bob had angered the grue, and was soon taken.

But unlike all victims of the grue before, Bob was never seen again.


Do not anger the grue.

Edited by ttlanhil

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This story has also been noted as an entry. Thank you again for participating. You have until May 25 to make any revisions you see fit.

Edited by Quinticus

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Some things you might want to change:

Weapons of steel and titanium? [o]r magic? [o]r could starve him to death? -- Or magic? Or could I starve him to death?

I know! [m]any people sit near -- I know! Many people

working[,] that would be an ideal place to wait! -- working. That would be an ideal place to wait!



The stuff inside the brackets is the specific, with the fragment for context, and if I had more than one, the seconed one is between colons.

The part after the dual hyphens is the revised fragment, sometimes just a fragment of the fragment.


Thank you for participating.

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freeones' suggestions have been taken, and no spelling errors found (the spell checker nearly had a fit over all those 'grue's though)


converted ready to be a book

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