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That night in the lodgings Tumaros apporached Matrixx while everyone else was still eating and drinking.

"Matrixx I need to talk to you about something." , He said.

"Sure what is it Tum?" , asked Matrixx.


Tumaros gave him a inquisitive look and said, "I'm not accusing you but the way you looked back in White Stone I think you had somethign to do with the death of the priestess."


Matrixx ,looking appalled said, "Your out of your mind Tumaros. I would never kill the girl. I may have disliked her somewhat but 'I' wouldn't have killed her."


"I didn't say you did Matrixx I said I think you had somethign to do with it." , Tumaros corrected.


Suddenly Matrixx's eyes turned blood red and his voice became mingled with that of a dark evil one. "IT WOULD BE BEST FOR YOU TO MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS 'ELF'!" , yelled the voice.


Tumaros backed away in suprise ,"What is happening to you Matrixx?" , he asked.


Then Matrixx seized him and with godly strength flung him across the room.

"NEXT TIME YOU WILL KNOW BETTER THAN TO MESS WITH ME!" , cried Matrixx as he left the room.


A few seconds later Tumaros ran out of the room looking for him. He ran to Geelef and said, "Something has happend to Matrixx I believe he has been possessed."


"WHAT?!? How can that be? Who has possessed him?" , Geelef quickly asked.


"I don't know how it happend but from the feel of it...it was Mortos." , answered Tumaros.

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As Eldwen slowly made his way to Vally of the Dwarves he felt as if something was following him.


"Who's out there?" Asked the dwarf.


"Ha ha ha stupid dwarf, Soon it will only be us." scofted the trolls as they came out of the dark and surrounded the dwarf


"What do you trolls want with me?"


"Just to kill you stupid dwarf as our master commands"


"Who is this master?"


"The great lord of Darkness Mortos himself"


"What have I done to offend your master?"


"Nothing he just wants you DEAD"


With that the trolls jumpped Eldwen and started attacking him. Having no other way out Eldwen grabbed him axe and started to slaughter the trolls. Then within him the shadow started to gain strenght and suddenly Eldwen felt great power. One troll was left alive and he was just about dead.


"Please dwarf dont kill me, I only was doing as my master commanded"


Deep within Eldwen a voice said "Do it Eldwen, kill him and accept me. Together we can be great and rule the world. I can help you do everything. All you have to do is kill him to accept me"



Eldwen grabbed his axe and flung the axe into the trolls head. Deep within Eldwen darkness spread like fire, consuming his whole body. After the darkness had spread Eldwen no long looked like a normal dwarf. He was dark and contained powers that no other creature could imagine.


"Now with my new powers I think its time I paid Mortos a little visit"



Eldwen headed off in the direction of the Temple of Mortos.

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After Alerting Tirnwood of Matrixx. Tumaros and Geelef woke the rest of the of the group. Gathering them together Tumaros told them all of what had happened.


"What are we to do about this?" Nardo asked. "For we cannot kill him he is our friend."


"That might be the only way to stop him....." Jormane said.


"How would we kill him if we can kill him?" Monore asked.


"None of you know of this except for Tumaros,Monore, and I but In the land that we come from our land far far away. Tumaros, Monore and I were born part god." Jormane said. " We were descendents of the Ancients."


"The Ancients?......." Geelef asked.


"It is an alliance formed by the gods of our realm. Each god left a descendent behind to take his place in the Council of the Ancients. Possibly we could use the power given to Tumaros, Monore and I and with the help of you all we might be able to defeat Mortos and make him release Matrixx of his hold."

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Tumaros lowered his head, ignoring the confused stares surrounding the trio of demigods.


"How long has this been going on, Tumaros?" questioned Nardo, his voice sour with hurt.


"Yes, and why did you not inform of us this, when we could have been using your so-called 'God' powers to our advantage during our previous adventures?" grumbled Geelef. "It would have helped us out of some of our tight spots, I assure you..."


Tumaros returned the gazes, his arms open wide and his shoulders low. "I apologize, but I discovered this upon returning home, many years after our adventures..."


"Our adventures?" questioned Nardo, frowning slightly.


Geelef, also frowning, directed his voice towards Tumaros, Monore, and Jormane. "Exactly what went on back in your homeland? Tell the truth, my friends, please...keep us in the dark no longer."


Tumaros, Monore, and Jormane gazed at each other nervously. With a somewhat reluctant nod from Jormane, the human stepped forward and opened his mouth to speak.

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“In our long and extensive travels I met Tumaros and Monore in Elfridge. Tumaros, Monore, and I travelled all around the world learning new fighting styles and mastering them all. We’ve defeated dragons together, overcome hoards of orcs and ogres, and killed thousands of bands of wandering monsters. We were an undefeatable trio until the fateful day we were seperated.â€


“When we met on the field of battle against the evil lord of Roendera (Evil drow city of the Night). We knew this was going to be our most challenging battle probably that they would ever encounter. We had made a pact the previous night that if a person falls don’t die trying to save someone who is already dead.â€


“In the heat of battle after 100’s of drow lay dead at the hero’s feet. The second wave came. I was across the field from Tumaros and Monore. Sprinting trying to rejoin them, however two ogres cut me off. I used my momentum to my advantage. I dove between the first ogres legs quickly hamstringing him. The ogre howled in agony falling to the ground with a great thump. With a quick roll I was back on my feet, pouncing on the ogre as agile as a panther. He drew his great sword quickly planting it into the face of the fallen ogre. Immediately I looked up to see a giant club coming straight for me. I jumped straight backwards hoping to dodge the blow however it was just to fast. It caught me square in the chest breaking more than a few ribs. Searing pain coursed throughout my entire body. Knowing that there was no escape, I summoned all my strength to cast a final spell. The spell was transmute rock to mud. I cast it on a fairly large boulder, in it I buried my armor, my weapons and my amulet. I knew the drow would use it for great evil if they were to ever find it so I dismissed the spell in order to turn the mud back into a rock.â€


“I tried running however all I managed was to spit up blood. I wished I hadn’t used my healing spell this morning in order to heal a burn. I tried one last struggle then darkness fell over me.â€


“The only thing I remembered was a tall drow standing over me saying “ “This one is still alive.....†“


“When I awoke I was in a dark dungeon with only rats and skeletons to keep me company. I feared I would never get out of that evil place, however I didn’t loose hope.â€


“After a day of torture the drow would heal just enough so that you weren’t dead but were still conscious and able to feel all the pain. After days, weeks, months, or years I wasn’t sure how long it had gone on, I finally got my chance. One early morning the jailor stepped to close to the cell in which I was trapped.â€


“I took advantage of the opportunity. Easily grabbing him I smashed his head into the bars. The years of keeping up hope had finally paid off. Stealing the jailors armor and weapons and throwing the jailor into the cell covering him with straw and cloth would buy him some time until he got to the Armory beside the jailors office.â€

“Upon arriving I equip myself with anything I could find. And possibly the thing that helped me most was the Healing Potion I found in a locked cabinet in the jailors office. Drinking it down fully I was ready to fight again.â€


“With all haste and stealth I crawled out of that evil city. After recovering my weapons, armor, and amulet I raced off trying to find any sign of were Tumaros and Monore had gone.â€


“I finally found my answer when I went to Elfridge. His father informed me Tumaros and Monore had went to an entirely new realm called Eternal Lands. He showed me were the portal was. Immediately I jumped through it hoping to find Tumaros.â€


“And that brings me to about here.†Jormane finished.


With a nod Tumaros stood up. “Our god powers are not as strong as they sound I have the Scionic powers however I am still mastering them and I can jump extremely high and Jormane is more physically stronger than most you will ever see and has enhanced senses. However his magic powers are very limited. In order to become a god and get the powers that a normal god has then you have to go through the Trials of the Gods and Jormane and I are nowhere near ready.â€

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When Eldwen reached the temple of Mortos he easly broke down the doors by only touching them. Walking deep within the temple, slaughtering all evil monsters as he went, Until he reached the Worship Chamber where all the priest to Mortos live and pray.


"Who are you?" asked the priests.


"Your worst nightmare"


Eldwen then pulled out his axe and kill every single one of them. Each one by cleanly removing the head. Once he gathered all there heads together he made ready to light a fire. He set the heads on fire so he could summon Mortos"


"Mortos you may not realize who I really am, but I know everything about you."




And with that thousands of female orcs poured into the room. Eldwen gave a small laugh. Eldwen did nothing, but wait till they were right byside him. Once they were close enough that Eldwen could have touched them, he put his hands together and said only one word.




With that an extremly bright flash of light came from within his body and all of the orcs were flung in every direction. Even the people outside of the temple in the town of Mynador could see the light.


"Mortos you will be destroy for what you did to me on the shadow plane and for cursing me to that shade form. As you can see I have escaped it with the help of my little dwarf friend. Together we will destroy you, so I can regain all my power I once had."


With that Eldwen's hand burst into flames and he set the whole cave/temple complex onto fire. Eldwen then headed out of the cave unsure of where he would find Mortos so that he could destroy him.

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Tumaros jumped suddenly, clutching his head and crying out in a frightened Elvish.


His companions eyed him nervously, unsure of how to approach the screaming elf. Monore put a cautious hand on his shoulder, holding him still with a surprising strength, and whispered something in a long-forgotten language.


Tumaros stood erect, expressionless, emotionless...and slowly shifted back to normal.


"What was all that about?" cried Nardo, clutching his chest.


"A..." began Tumaros, recognizing the previous event that caused him to jolt. "A vision..."


"Another one of your so-called psionic powers?" questioned Geelef, a surprisingly skeptical expression on his face.


Tumaros, however, did not notice the expression. His mind was focused solely on the previous vision, burning itself in his mind, of Eldwen, wholly consumed by a dark creature, face to face with the dreaded Anti-Aluwen, Mortos himself.


"Tumaros?" asked Jormane, frowning. "What's wrong?"


Tumaros spun around. "We need to get to Mynadar," he panted, abruptly breaking into a run. "Now!"


The four companions, who had never been given reason to doubt Tumaros's instincts, did not waste a second in pursuing him.

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As Eldwen headed to Mynador he had never felt this good in his life. After consuming the shadow and accepting it his power more than doubled. He know had the powers of a demi-god, maybe even more. Just then a vision flashed before him of the history of the shadow.






12000 years ago two figures are seen on a shadow battle field.


"I will be the only dark god in the eternal lands." Mortos scoft


"Never I have way more power than you and there is no way to kill me" Velticon told him.


"I dont have to kill you, just trap you here forever"


And with that Mortos unleasted the most power spell he had ever cast in his life. The figure of Velticon turned into a shadow and with that Mortos had trapped in to the shadow plane. The same shadow plane that Eldwen had come to looking for a challenge.



With that Eldwen understood what he must do. He must kill Mortos no matter what. Then drain the powers and assume the role of the Dark God of EL. He keep heading toward Mynador where he hope that he could find a follower of Mortos that he could use to find Mortos himself.

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“Quick, quick, we just might be able to make it†Tumaros shouted almost out of breath still running while they entered the harbour area. A few more streets and they would be at the docks. Minutes later they arrived only to see the sails of the last vessel before nightfall already in open waters.


“Drats and double drats†mumbled Morone while she looked at her brother. “We have no time too lose…†There was a questioning look in her eyes “Do you think we could…†Tumaros glanced back at her knowing her dislike for the wideness of oceans, then turned his eyes back at the ship quickly calculating the distance. Nardo and Geelef understood what Tumaros had in mind and already steadied themselves. Indeed a global transportation spell could just do it, if directed correctly, otherwise a wet suit would be in store. â€Everyone ready?..â€, Tumaros spoke. “Hold hands, here we go, lets hope my calculations are right…â€


The captain and crew were slightly shocked with the sudden appearance of them on the upper deck, but after a small talk with the captain and with the parting of some gold they were appointed to a cabin. There was not much room even though there weren’t many passengers on board, every corner was stacked with crates, barrels and boxes. After dropping some of their stuff they settled themselves with some food and wine on the forestern on the ship. The sea among them looked calm while the moon slowly raised itself higher in the night sky. The vessel crossed the waves with a good speed and if the wind would not change its directions drastically Mynadar could be reached before sunset the very next day. Only Morone was not in her usual good mood, never comfortable without solid soil under her feet. She just shivered, kept her face well cloaked not to cause any disturbance among the crew, hoping the journey would be swift and without any rough sea or pirates attacks.


If only her wish was right, for the next morning within minutes the watery morning sun was suddenly blocked with large clouds gathering in great speed darkening the sky above them, the wind gained in strength by the minute, pulling and ripping at the ship swirling it across dark foaming waves, some of them higher then the ship, spraying overboard soaking all and everyone. Shouting was heard among them while the sailors pulling at ropes trying with all their might to keep the boat steady and afloat. There was a sudden panic when suddenly thunder stroke the top sail setting it ablaze. Geelef and Nardo did not hear them though for they had both just seen it however briefly…a few hundred metres behind them something large and scaly had arrised for a few seconds from beneath the roaring sea.

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As Matrixx finished the incantaion he said with a smile, "Now my little pet finish them off. Lets see how powerful you really are Tumaros. Though of course you will never make it.


He walked down from the sea cliff from where he watched the boat depart. Planning on heading to Mynadar himself because he had felt a powerful disturbance at the Temple. Then with the powers that Mortos had bestowed upon him , he became like that of shade and with blinding speed set out north Tarsengaard. Once he arrived, he had the clever idea of letting terror flood this city. He walked to the graveyard and then once again using the great powers of Mortos summoned forth a great army of the dead.

" Now! ,he cried to them. "Kill all that you see in this land ,but be ever waiting for my call.


Then hundredes of skeletal warriors passed through the city slaughtering as they went. Seeing this Matrixx was pleased and he passed towards Mynadar in confidence.

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Tumaros stared out beyond the frothing sea at the horrendous creature, quite some distance away but just close enough to send the elf into an enhanced reflex mode. It reared it's ugly head, revealing the creature as the dreaded sea serpent of the Ghealan Ocean that Tumaros had only heard about in fables.


Now the elf realized that this was no fable.


All the members of the crew fell silent, along with the five companions, all staring in the direction of the wailing beast.


They watched as the creature licked its lips, seeming to stare directly at Tumaros. The others shifted their gazes to the elf in wonder and fear.


The creature growled once more and splashed into the depths of the sea, momentarily relieving the members of the ship.


The sea became deathly calm, the waves reduced to a low, ominous level.


As soon as everyone felt they could no longer stand the foreboding silence, a crew member was the first to speak.


"Where'd th' bloody creature get off to?"


He was answered as a great maw reached out of the ocean, jolting the passengers. It chomped down, tearing off the mast and sails.


"No!" shouted Monore, drawing her bow and shooting towards the creature. The arrow bounced off of the serpent's thick skin, only succeeding in provoking the creature. It directed itself at the female elf and within a split second, his tongue lashed out, throwing her off of the boat entirely.


Tumaros and Jormane were the first to run to the side of the ship in a desperate attempt to grab her, followed within a moment by Geelef and Nardo. Taking advantage of the cluster of foes, the serpent swung around, it's snakelike tail swinging just above the group.


When the tail came down, the ship was reduced to a piece of wood the size of a toothpick.


Almost as if on cue, the storm began to pick up again, and the not-so-aquatic elves cried out in fear. Only Jormane was able to grab onto a stray log from the ship's lower quarters, and he swam around to each of the elves, who wasted no time in grabbing on.


As soon as the elves figured they were safe from the water, the serpent reared its ugly head once more. A groan passed through the group as they realized they were defenseless, unless they planned on letting go of the log, and idea that failed to appeal to any of them at this time.


Tumaros noticed that the serpent was, once more, directing itself at him. With one hand on the log, Tumaros took a chance and grabbed for his sword.


The expression on the elf's face was one his companions had never seen before.


As the sea serpent quickly flowed over to Tumaros, ignoring the others, the elf found that his sword had been lost in the current.


Geelef shouted something to the others, but it was lost in the torrent of rain and wind.


As Tumaros began to panic, his grasp slipped from the log, and he was nearly carried to the depths of the sea.


Suddenly, an idea came to his whirling mind. Perhaps this would be a good time to test his telekenesis...


Focusing all of his energy (all that remained, at least) towards a mental image of his sword, he shouted with joy when he opened his eyes and noticed something familiar floating out of the water, just behind the sea serpent...


The great sword of Ta'Tir.


Tumaros stopped for a moment, staring at the oncoming creature, and with a smile and a quick burst of energy, summoned the sword towards him at an incredible speed.


Just as he hoped, the sword lodged itself in the serpent's back, causing the creature to wail and twitch in pain. Keeping his energy focused, Tumaros muttered an elvish phrase that, although whispered, was audible over the whirling storm.


The sword's white glow became a faint blue, and began emitting rays of energy and electricity. The serpent became even more enraged and began slapping the sea with its massive body.


The five companions smiled...or, rather, the four companions...


No one noticed until too late that the last spell had drained Tumaros of all of his energy, and slowly the elf slid down into the sea, motionless.







His body was found by a creature that lived far, far under the surface, a member of a forgotten race...a mermaid.


"Hah..." grunted the mermaid, after a quick inspection of the elf's body. "I see Nel-ra failed her master..." he said, referring to the great serpent by it's real name.


"Orogh...where are you?" came a call from behind the mermaid.


"One moment!" replied Orogh. He poked the seemingly dead elf with his spear and, with a smile, hooked the elf's cape onto his spear.


He swam away, back towards his companion and his undersea city, a lifeless Tumaros in tow.

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Finding no followers of Mortos in the city of Mynadar Eldwen headed toward Tarsengaard. He felt a great magical energy being used in that direction and hoped that he could drain it to gain more power for his battle with Mortos. As he came closer to the power he saw thousands and thousands of skeletal warriors marching toward Mynador. Quickly Eldwen grabbed his axe and with one fling he threw the axe in a way that it killed almost 100 of them and then the axe came right back into his hand. Then they seemed to only come right back to life.


"Stupid undead, there is no way to kill them and its pointless, they contain no magical energies"


And with that Eldwen noticed the rather large magic school that part of the undead army was destorying. He hurried to the school and noticed about 300 human mages holding the undead army off with there magic.


"Humans do you want some help?" he asked as he headed toward the mages.


"Sure dwarf, Can you please help us get away from them" they all said together.


"Certainly...............I can send you all far away from the skeletons......straight to hell"


With that Eldwen ran toward all the mages and cast a magic spell on them which caused them all to fall lifeless to the ground. Eldwen walked over to the bodies and placed his mouth on theirs to suck all the magical energy from them. Once he had consumed the magic of all the mages Eldwen he used his new extra power to search for more magic energy. He happened to find more magic energy and it was located at the temple of Aluwen. He had plans to suck the energy from her just as he had done the mages and once he had her power there was nothing that could stop him from destorying Mortos for good.

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Back on the surface of the sea, the four survivers of the attack noticed Tumaros wasn't with them anymore. They had found some more floating logs, and a piece of canvas, which they used to form a sort of raft, held together by some simple stitching magic.


"Where did he go this time?" Geelef asked, a worried look on his face, wringing his hair.

Nardo didn't say a word, he just stared over the seemingly endless sea, worried about what fate had been bestowed upon them this time.

Morone was also silent, scared as she was for the ocean, this was an event she couldn't cope with, her brother was lost on an endless mass of water... Giving him no credit for survival, she could do nothing but sit and softly cry.

Jormane was the only one capable of answering.

"It seems that after he'd cast that spell on Ta'Tir" - his eyes darted over to the sword which they'd been able to recover from the creatures neck - "he was drained of all power. I guess he just let go of the log and went straight for the bottom."

"But we'll be able to save him, ofcourse." he quickly added, when he saw Morone's pained expression.

Her eyes lit up on these words. "Will we?" she faintly asked.

"Sure we will." Geelef stated, while he got up on his feet. "We've been through worse, haven't we, Nardo?"

Nardo also got to his feet, nodding firmly. "Yes, we have. Now, I'm gonna find my backpack, I've got some nice potions in it."

Geelef nodded, and watched Nardo dive into the water.


A few minutes later a wet and exhausted Nardo pulled himself onto the raft again.

"Found it," he quoted, while he quickly took out two vials. "This one's for me," he mumbled, holding up a vial containing a see-through liquid.

"And this is for you guys. One sip should be enough for about a day underwater breathing." He passed the potion to Geelef, who took a small sip and gave it to Jormane. The human, not as familiar with the Elf's potions, took a sceptical look at it, but when he saw Geelef diving into the sea without any doubt, he took a sip too, only to feel a weird sensation flowing through his body.

Then he handed Morone the bottle, who took it from him, and said, while looking at it: "I'm sorry Jormane, you know how afraid I am... I'll just stay up here and wait for you guys."

Jormane nodded, then he waited for a totaly fit Nardo to take a sip too.

Then the both of them dove for the bottom, following Geelef, who was a good bit below them already, leaving a troubled Morone behind.

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As the adventurers moved closer and closer to the bottom what seemed like just a dark floor took shape slowly. Finally showing it to be a lost city.


Upon nearing it they were quickly approached be a fabled race rarely ever seen. The Mermaids. "Who comes to our city." The Merman Leader stated. The Mermaids bearing shell and rock weapons could be quite formidable in thier home environment. "We have kept this place secret to avoid your kind from entering."


"We are but humble travellers in seek of our lost friend, an elf." Jormane said.


"We have such a elf here." replied the large Merman.


"We only seek him. Upon getting him we will leave you city never to speak of it again." Geelef replied.


"All intruders are to be killed in order preserve our secrecy." The leader replied.


"Hean-ar ilst rang lilthor." Jormane said in an annoyed voice. This startled the leader.


"How has an outsider learned the ancient language of the Merman?" Inquired the leader.


"I learned it in my travels across the seas, long long ago........" Jormane said fading off with a pained expression on his face. "Tumaros knows it to."


"You may get your friend. Follow me." With that the party of Mermaids and the adventuers travelled deeper into the ocean. After stopping at a large build.


The Merman just motioned the others inside it giving them a pendent and told them to give it to the Mermaid inside.


It was some type of infirmery. Shell beds lined the walls and in the farthest one away the trio spotted Tumaros. "We have come to pick up our friend." Jormane said to the Mermaid handing her the pendent.


Nardo who was holding the sword noticed it glowing faintly. The blue aura that it had when it slayed the great sea serpent. As the group came closer to Tumaros the sword glowed brighter and brighter til it sparked and crackled.


"Hand Tumaros the sword." Geelef said. "Possibly his psionic energy could be trapped inside Ta'tir."


"Yes hand him the sword Geelef is right for that is a way Ta'tir protects itself." Jormane replied.


Nardo handed Tumaros the sword. When Tumaros's skin touched the blade there was a brilliant flash of light and Tumaros was sitting up eyes wide."

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Matrixx, upon feeling the death of Nel-ra abrubtly stopped and using his powers saw the last few images before Nel-ra died. He saw 1 male elf slowly fall down then not to long afterwards saw 3 more figures dive down into the deeps.


"Those bloody elves and human will PAY for what they have done, but they seem to have left one behind for I did not see Morone dive down. Well I believe ill just pay her a little visit." , he said to himself.


With that he sped swiftly back to the coast in his shade form and soon came across the waters to the raft. Monore sensing something turned about ,but she was quickly restrained by a powerful binding spell. Matrixx came up to her where she couldn't see him and whispered in her ear, "Why, hello there Morone. It seems that you have been left out to dry all alone. HAHAHA!"


"YOU!! How dare you come back here..." ,she started.


"Now..now..now Monore you were never the angry type. This is so amazingly convient I don't know what to say.", said Matrixx.


"What are you talking about convient?" ,spat Monore.


"Well, I was just thinking about making a sacrifice to Mortos to increase my powers futher , but using you they would become unreachable. The slaughter of Tarsengaard raised them well enough to be able to hold you with this spell." , he bragged.


"Why have you become so evil? How was it that you came to be possesed?" , she asked.


"At first I struggled, but then feeling the awesome power of Mortos I let him consume me.", Matrixx replied.


"Now enough of this chat. Lets be on our way to Mynadar.", he said.


With that he picked her up and sped swiftly toward Mynadar to the temple of Mortos. When he got there he saw that it was in flames.


"WHAT!?!?! How can this be? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" , Matrixx screamed.


"YOU! It was you and your little group, you destroyed this temple. DIDN'T YOU! , He yelled.


"NO! How could we have done it we were at sea. But its just as good now that your little temple is gone what are you going to do now." , she yelled back.


"Yes, of course it wasnt you. But who could have done it? AHHHHH!! Right now that doesn't matter. I will still do as I have planned. But I do admit it almost pains be to destroy such beauty. Ahh No matter." , he told her.


Then he raised his sword and was preparing to cut her down when from behind him a voice called out , " RELEASE HER NOW!!!" ....

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Eldwen slowly entered the temple of Aluwen.


"My dear friend Aluwen, Its nice to see that your still trying to find away to defeat Mortos"


"Velticon even if we both seem the same goal ill never aid you"


"Why sister it didnt come for your aid, just a good bit of your power"


"Foolish brother, you have no way to get to where me and Mortos dwell or you would have already have arrived and killed us both"


"Ah, so you know my plight. Never the if I cant find a way to get to Mortos himself to destroy him, then destorying all of his worshiper will do the same. Because unlike you sister I know that he only reason he still lives is because he has some powerful connection to this world. Either a follower of great power or some idiot he just happned to posses. So either tell me how he has doing this for him or ill just go around killed everyone until I find him"


"Brother even though we are related, I would help Mortos any day over helping you"


"Would it help you if I told you I know who killed your priestess. Come down to me and ill tell you"


Realizing that his sister Aluwen was very weak in the games of tricks he figures that she was fall for the old tell them to come down to talk trick and sure enough she did.


"Now sister come a little closer so I can tell you"


And with that Eldwen used all of his magical powers to trap Aluwen with in a magical life draining sphere.


"Within 1 hour Aluwen all of your magical power will be mine and then ill be able to enter the god realms and find Mortos for myself to stop him."


Eldwen then waited for the time period to end.....

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Fully recovered Tumaros took a quick look at his fellow travellers standing among his shell shaped bed, all with a relieved look on their face. “Where the heck am I?†he said with a thundery voice when he saw his surroundings, busy trying to get his legs out. Once he was standing up Geelef answered him and told him briefly of the last happenings. “So Morone is still up there…? He grunted while he secured Ta’Tirs onto the shaft on his belt. “We must return swiftly for I sense she is in danger…â€


“Well, better have some of this then first†Nardo grabbed a vial from his belt and handed the potion to Tumaros who drank the remaining liquid in one gulp. “Away we go then…†Geelef answered while he picked up Tumaros’s cape and hung it over his friends shoulders. Jormane already walked outside to warn the guard that they were ready. With a quick smile Nardo just nodded to the mermaid as his sign of their gratitude then he also rushed out.


The guard led them to an open place just outside the city, bare upon some giant bones, and other pieces or skeletons were sticking out of the sand. He stopped at a gigantic skull of a once enormous animal and nodded for them to get closer. There they noticed there was a strong current coming from inside of the skull.


“Is that it?†with an look on total unbelief Geelef looked at the guard, then Jormane then back at the large hole in the floor inside the skull and back at them. “This dark hole is our exit, right, this possible home of a large mama sea worm, this...this…possible hell hole is our way back to the surface….?†Jormane looked slightly worried also and briskly spoke to the guard next to him “Arktigh brosa Na’drr?…Grhht..Juatik nris Aajoch squura Grriv†The guard took a few steps back before he answered, a bewildered look on his face. “Dhraaa…Draaa..†he stumbled while he pointed frantically to the hole clutching his nose with the other hand.

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Lachesis shivered, overwhelmed by the by the feeling of her heart being clasped by sharp pliers. She vacantly watched a boar gorging the last remains of the tomatoes she had been about to harvest. "This is a scary world", the young elf pondered, looking at the fields of Mynadar bluring behind curtains of rain. "For a split second, I felt as if all the life would have been captured behind a wall of glass and pain ... That depressing endless tempest will drive me mad some day.", she pushed her thoughts away. "I need to finish those potions, Brim is waiting for them."


That way marking the path for the next hours and days she headed back to the City of Mynadar. Neither she knew about any of the evil things that were happening on the continent and the seas of seridia, nor in what way her name connected her to them.

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(Nah, everybody's just waiting for eachother to post :) I promise I'll be posting again soon, just had a busy week, carnival from sunday till tuesday, and me b-day ofcourse :) Just wait till nightfall tomorrow. :))

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Geelef, you could not have said it better... as soon as my head is also clear from carnival I will continue...should be soon...and...happy birthday.



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(Thanks, since my birthday was on Tuesday, I didn't really got too many congratulations, so I really appreciate this one :)


Oh, and, hehe, sorry to bring this to you Nardo, but I thought you were liveing in Amsterdam... If you want a real carnival, just come to Mestreech :unsure: Though, on the other hand, I haven't been too much away this year, I must confess... :)

I'm sorry, but I just love Limburg's heritage :unsure:)


"Allright then..." Tumaros said slightly scared. Then his eyes turned rigid, and he firmly said: "We've been through worse together, haven't we? I trust we'll also get through this one."

With these words, he took the few steps to the dark hole, when the tip of his left shoe hit the black, for a moment the Elf seemed to fade out of sight, as if a see through curtain was suddenly held before him, then he jumped in and disappeared in a swirl of black and silver.

Geelef looked at Nardo and Jormane, nodding at each one of them.

"Guess I'll see you two at the other side."

He swiftly moved towards the hole, and jumped in. When his feet made contact with the dark mass, he felt as if the world around him was suddenly much more solid as usual, then the sensation was over, and he felt he was being pulled to another place.

When he landed at the other side, he felt somewhat dizzy, his vision was fogged for a moment. He blinked a few times, then his vision got clear again, and he saw Tumaros standing a few metres away, but it seemed as if his sight was still blurred.


Geelef walked over to him, put his hand on his shoulder and asked his old friend:

"Tumaros, can you see already?"

The other Elf shook his head. "No... Can you?"

Geelef nodded, then realised Tumaros couldn't see it and said: "Yeah, only a few seconds after I got here."

Tumaros looked surprised. "Huh? I know, maybe it's those strange eyse of you... What've you done with them anyway?"

Just as Geelef was about to answer, a silvery light told him the others were coming.

"Just a sec Tumaros, I'm gonna get Nardo and Jormane. Stay here, please."

Tumaros nodded, trusting his friend would know best.


A few minutes later, Geelef did return, flanked by Jormane and Nardo, who also seemed to have lost their sharp sight.

"Here, sit down." Geelef said.

"So," Tumaros started again. "What about those eyes of you?"

"Well, after we parted, I went on some travels, got caught by some guards, it seemed I killed someone. Well, yadda yadda, whole story, then I got the chance to get out, with Cath, she's that white tiger of mine, really intelligent. It only meant I had to aid some little girl called Lolendalia in her quest. Didn't know what it was though, so I just helped her out every now and then, till we got back to my prison, and they sent us to the next plain of excistence."

Jormane and Tumaros raised their eyebrows, though they said nothing.

Nardo on the other hand had heard the story before, so he just sat and listened, knowing his friend told the truth. Geelef went on,

"There are some really strange magical arts there, and because the High Priests didn't want us revealing other dimensions, they blessed us with the same gifts as most people in their lands. They let us keep our own gifts though, so we got out stronger than most.

Anyway, I was gifted with their keen eyesight, when starlight falls on my eyes, I can see as bright as if it was full daylight. One disadvantage though, it makes my eyes shine in that blue you probaby saw when we ran to Tree Town.

I guess you're right, and that's what makes me see, while your vision is still blurred."

Tumaros nodded. "Seems Im not the only one who's grown a lot." He smiled.

Geelef smiled back at him.


"Now, where are we anyway?" Jormane asked.

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While Geelef was talking, Nardo tried to get more familiar with their surroundings rubbing his eyes. It was hard to see around, every time he opened his eyes they became painful and very watery, blurring his vision. Blinking he could not see for more then a few seconds and only a few metres, and with the look of it, except for Geelef, Jormane and Tumaros were having the same problem.


In his mind he was already thinking of some ointment or potion he should have brought, but had not, touching his belt for his small travelling pouch for reasurance. He then rested his hands on the floor, it was smooth, felt cold to the touch, made of some dark metal of some kind.


“Everything is black, harder and darker then obsidian, it could be a portal room of some kind…†Geelef stopped for a second “…there are many corridors leading away from here, although…†He walked in a small circle around the strangely shaped room, meanwhile searching the walls, floor and ceiling, looking for signs or marks.


“I have a feeling we are not alone...†Tumaros suddenly spoke. He might have temporarily lost his sight but not his excellent hearing. They all went quiet and listened. It was faint, and still in the distance, but it seemed fast, small, and it is was the sound of many, suddenly coming from all directions.

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