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Found 1 result

  1. P2P Shop Coupon's

    When we got in instance yesterday from bula yet an other p2p shop coupon, we talked about how unused they are in game. they seam to stockpile in peoples storages. So i have an idea. How about to change those stones to make them give out a time limited p2p appearance. Make it that you can use the coupon to be able to get to select a p2p race after next start of client, and put in a code that after a certain amount of time (would suggest a month but would also work great if the time is only one day) you get turned back into the char you had before. Key is make people want to use them. see how it will be in a p2p char. get used to be in one. Maybe make that if people use them one after an other the time will expand. regardless how i think it would make a good promotion for them. and i sure as hell would use them to test p2p out. before deciding if i get one or not. And i am sure it would give an item that has right now almost no market value a new value.