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Found 1 result

  1. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Lucky Punch Arena would like to invites You all to a night of AFG (Animal Fights Game) fights. Time and place: Planned at saturday 20th august 20.00 (8pm) UTC+01:00 time, at Lucky Punch Arena in White Stone City. Due to circumstances time and place can change, notice will be posted here and on chan 6 in game. Small change: Due to technical dificulties at Arena, contest will be held by Theatre in White Stone City instead. What is needed to watch: Nothing:), just show up. What is needed to take part in fights: PM me ingame or leave mercator msg, that you want to participate, i will get back to you. For each duel: 1 set of summon rabbit ings, 2 spider summoning stones, 2 Bear summoning stones, 1 Tiger summoning stones will be needed. Not nessesary, but helpfull items: extra rabbit summon ings, some diss rings and ttr essences in case of some problems. Arena is PK so don't take any vaulable stuff, Lucky Punch Arena doesn't take responsibility of your death and loosing items. Will there be reward: Of course. Winner of fights will get at least 25,000 gold coins. If more people will like to participate, extra rewards might be set. How many fights will be there: That depends on how many people will like to participate. At least one. How long event will take: Each duel should last 10-15mins. AFG rules: AFG is a simple game of summoned animal fights. There are 5 type of animals ant (to small to see ), rabbit, spider, bear, tiger. Every player have set of 7 cards: 1 ant, 1 rabbit, 2 spiders, 2 bears, 1 Tiger. Each card can be placed only once on arena. There are 7 rounds on each duel and every round has 2 phases. Phase 1 preparation: Every player chooses 2 cards, and both shown them to oponent at same time. Phase 2 fight: Every player chose 1 from his previously shown cards and place it on table. Cards summon animals and animals start fight. Player whose animal win, that means is last animal standing, will get 1 point. After 7 rounds player who got most points is the winner. Only summoned animals are allowed to fight, and no other help like spells/mines etc is alowed. Charm atribute, summoning skill level in this case in consider a "luck factor". Stronger animal should always win with weaker one, but luck and unpredictability is also a part of game. This should be obvious but to be sure: no one else can influence fight in any way, hopefully there will be moderator to ensure that, and there will be consequences for those who not obey.