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Found 1 result

  1. Restriction

    I am posting this here because I feel as what has transpired is equal to a ban. A couple months ago myself and Quagmire became roomates. I notified hussam (responded to my #help request) that were on the same IP and I wanted to make sure that the moderators were aware of this. All I requested was that we were allowed to have fair trades. That is a completely fair request as many people share the same IP are allowed to trade as long as trades are not one sided. I even sent a video to hussam showing him our laptops are across the house from each other. I was taking the video and quagmire was in the video at his laptop saying "I'm quagmire" We were denied fair trade on the basis of "Oh quagmire was banned and this is safest" Quagmire was banned for an auto clicker and it was over a year before we even became roomies. It had nothing to do with me but because of that hussam told me that Aislinn said "No it was safer this way." He told me that it wasn't because of me but it was because of Quagmire. Why does it make any sense to put me on a restriction because of something quagmire did that had nothing to do with me? I wasn't even playing EL when it happened nor were we living together. Well I am here informing you that I would like fair trades to be in place. If he needs HEs or srs I would like to able to sell those items to him. He is my best friend irl and it's common for us to game together. I could understand if the trades were one sided but I that isn't what I am asking for. I would just like to be able to help him out with items he might need, for a fee just as I would with any other player I trade with. And I really don't get how me selling quagmire items at market value should be a problem. We are 2 people, I provided proof. What's the problem? We are also guildies and just earlier in the week he died because he teleported to map that had invasions and died loosing his items. I rushed from EVTR mine to storage about to teleport to portals and go invisi to get his stuff back for him and right before I teleported to portals I stopped and said "Oh wait, I can't help you because we are not allowed to interact". My first instict was to rush to help a guildie. If I had done so I would have been banned for illegal multiplay with someone other than myself. That makes no sense what-so-ever. This is completely irregular and absurd that we are not allowed to trade fairly. Out of instict I wanted to help a friend and a guildie and almost put us in danger of a ban. A ban that would have been nonsense considering it wouldn't fit the description of multiplay because we ARE 2 different people and that's well known. To make the story short, the explination given for not allowing us to have fair trades is because it could possibly lead to a illegal multiplay issue. So strike the restriction hammer on us when we haven't broken rule 5? That's rediculous. I do not know quagmire pass nor does he know mine. We have been best friends for many many years and never once has he had access to my character nor will he. I posted this in bans because as of right now we are banned from interacting and I would like to discuss this further.