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  1. A bunch of us we talking about how we could have more intense weather in EL in ch4 a few min ago, so here's the thread (evilmangopie made me do it! ) The idea is just some extra weather effects ingame, with a rare chance for intense weather that has an effect on your character Sandstorms: DP would be a prime place for this, as well as C2's deserts. You could treat these like rainstorms, just use tinted fog to be the sand's color and have a strong wind sound in the back to replace the rain sound. An intense sandstorm could have an icon show up similar to the one you have when you're poisoned, and it would lower your accuracy and perception while in the storm Flooding and Tides: This one would be simple having areas of the map be underwater during certain times of the day, but you can still walk through the floodwaters. Walking through deep water would lower your evasion. During an intense version of a flood, you can include heavy rainfall and perhaps a brief moment of being parylized due to riptides or something similar to that. Earthquakes: Being around active volcanoes such as Redmoon or around a fault (something to be considered I guess) could have occaisional tremors that shake the screen for a few seconds every now and then at random, perhaps a random chance every few minutes. An intense earthquake could cause paralysis in it's blast radius (essentially around the mountain), and have smaller tremors every minute for 10 minutes afterward that have a 10% chance of parylizing anything in the radius Volcanic Eruptions: Would make an interesting prelude to a dragon invasion, instead of having to figure out lava flows and such, there could be the tremor graphic effects of shaking followed by some rumbling sounds. Then there could be the shadow of rocks for about 10 seconds on certain tiles where a chunk of molten rock will land, and being in the radius of say 3 times of the rock when it hits could cause 50 heat damage. Rocks would fall for 5 minutes to an hour, depending on the intesity of the eruption. There would be alot of forewarning of an eruption with tremors beforehand Mugwump's Lightning: Mugwump suggested that players could be struck by lighting by rare chance. My little add on is it could be heat damage since electricity conducting armors seem to have a weakness to heat ingame, and wearing said armors in a storm in the open or on hills could raise the chances of being struck. Someone else mentioned it could be magic damage so MI could resist it, although pretty unpredictable strikes. Winds: Heavier winds could affect archery if/when implemented, cause fires to go out faster, hinder evasion, ect. Intense winds would be gale force and even push you around a tile here and there. Snowstorms: For the snow maps and some of the forest maps, could increase cold damage and cause a large drop in perception, add heavy fog. Winds would amplify the cold damage significantly. The most intense versions could be a total white-out, where mapwalking causes your character to wander alot more than usual on the way to the path (Fuzzy paths with an extremely wide movement area) We mentioned tornadoes a few times but it's kinda hard to figure a way to put them in with a nearly isometric camera view Hurricanes could work however, by working with floodwaters and winds, you could even have a forecast for them ingame to add some depth to the weather edit: forgot to mention wildfires, could have some heat damage in areas on fire, probably happen alot in DP bordering the desert and forest
  2. Summoner's Guidebook

    Felt like doing this *shrug* Summoning's probably one of the hardest skills to level up since the exp payout isn't too great until you can make stones like it's your job. So here's just a few things I do that should help out anyone working on their summoning With lower level summoners, I'd suggest you just work with rats until you can do snakes. Once you're capable of snakes, try to do brown snakes as often as possible, they tend to have the best item usage to exp ratio. Personally, I start doing things at WAY lower levels that the requirement is, but that may just be luck...but don't be shy on trying something way above your level, I was doing wolves every now and then at lvl 15, and am doing armed orc stones at 20 XD when you are nearing lvl 20, prefereably within 3 levels of it, a great spot to lvl up your summoning is to go to PL and use the boar spawn near the Mullein bush. Bring 200 LE with you and a couple SRs (dependin on your mana), then just summon up boars as you kill them off. Yes, it's not a summoning arena, but the exp turns into a constant stream so having to use more SRs isn't much of a penalty there. Another spot this can work on is south east VoTD, there are alot of boars around there cramped into one section of the map. If you're training your summoning at the WS summoning arena, use the teleportal to jump between storage and the arena, it'll save you a couple minutes of walking. If you have the animal nexus, work with stones as soon as you can if you're at lvl 20 or so. The fail rate may get to some players, but the exp payout is NICE, 200 for a bear stone which can take a chunk off of a typical summoning level, and bear stones are easier than wolves to make (Although the mountain in Arius are a real headache to haul gypsum from...if you've got a big emu use it and bring the stuff to the gypsum). If you can do armed orc stones somewhat do them, less to carry, 400 exp add on if you guys can add more
  3. Perk ideas

    OK so I have some perk ideas, let me know what you think! 'Tis But a Flesh Wound! - When you die, you have a 10% chance of regaining 25% of your HP, keeping all of your items in your inventory, and instead of going to hell, you remain where you are, disengaged with your opponent (granted you are fighting). Rostogol stones are used on death however regardless. Suggested reqs: 7pp, 20,000gc Scorpion King - When fighting, you have a 1 in 20 chance of poisoning your opponent for a total of 20 hp over time. Suggested reqs: 3pp, 500gc Therian - Anything involving the use of fur/skins/scales or anything else taken from an animal has a 25% higher success rate than normal, including animal summons (bones excluded) Suggested Reqs: 5pp, 1000gc Hard-Headed - *Negative Perk* Helmets give you 50% as much armor as normal. Suggested Reqs: -3pp Dedication - Research continues at 50% of it's normal rate when you have a negative food level. Suggested Reqs: 7pp, 5000gc Incognito - a successful flee prevents your opponent from attacking you for 1 minute, unless you attack them Suggested Reqs: 5pp, 500gc Coward *Negative Perk* - you have a 1/10 chance of attempting to flee from a fight each turn. Suggested Reqs: -5pp, 200gc Assassin - Your first attack on an enemy, if succesful, does 2X damage Suggested Reqs: 3pp Colorblind - You have True Sight in effect, all the time. Suggested Reqs: 7pp, 50kgc Far-Sighted *Negative Perk* - You have -5 accuracy when fighting with a weapon Suggested Reqs: -4pp I Was Born For Combat - Food level increases by 5 when you kill. Suggested Reqs: 5pp Furry - Fur clothing gives you an additional 3 armor per piece and you do not lose Cold Protection from wearing them. Suggested Reqs: 3pp
  4. bonepowder for iedp perk

    *snort* 25 food! yeah...bone powder I don't think would work too well with this despite the intentions, plus it would probably raise the price of bones since people will start grinding them down and scarcity kicks in
  5. Summoning 100 \o/

    oh if I hadn't been offline for months, you'd have some competition! XD Major kudos, you can summon red dragons at that level can't you?
  6. Are you an EL oldbie?

    I'm back again and I started back when we only had iron plate for epic gear, guessing 4 years or so now
  7. Your personal moment of glory

    So....what was YOUR brief moment of glory in EL? for me...my first WE attempt yielded an EWE
  8. Best spot for snakes?

    Well I've been to a few places to gather snake skins, Selain's Temple, WS Beach, Naralik, ect, but they are always spread out as hell and it takes too long to gather the hundred green/red snake skins I need for a quick training session anyone have a hotspot they're willing to share?
  9. In Memoriam

    Sad to hear, I remember back about a year ago playing with them on all the time best wishes to the family
  10. Medallion Formulas

    The issue though is the books you need read, the required knowledge for the books would have to be changed up and that could be a pain it's a logical idea, but I think economically the prices for those would drop since bars are easier for players to make than polished gems, not to mention cheaper
  11. Bagjumper?

    "Hey could you sit on my bag for a sec?" "sure" *BRUTAL BEATDOWN* This could so easily be abused for people doing muling work, or someone could just drop a few bags on the ground with a fruit in it as bait and then pk everyone who steps on the bag
  12. Since EL will be eventually gaining archery as a new skill, something I think the game could benefit from greatly could be the use of 3D sound, such as the Doppler Effect for arrows that wizz by and miss (multiple sound files could be created to handle each condition instead of using a complex set of coding to alter the pitch of the sounds) a few ideas I have in mind: -Doppler effect fast moving objects such as arrows could have their wizzing sound have it's pitch altered to fit the direction of the arrow (IE: pitch lowers as the arrows moves away, and higher as it approaches) -High shelf cutoff for distant combat (this can be done with most music programs and many sound editing programs) each sound for combat would have alternate versions with a lowered cutoff frequency to give the effect of distant combat, or combat on the other side of a thick wall If a spell that ever disorients players or messes with their perception is designed, using these sounds in place of the normal sounds would add a nice touch, or even when a player is poisoned multiple times -Reverb/Echoes pretty self explanitory, could be done with a set of alternate sounds (higher quality, larger file size however), or by using the cutoff idea above and coding the echoes using the high shelf cutoff sfx -Sound delays Greater distance = longer delay before the sound reaches the player. Would probably be best for offscreen combat, weather, etc. -Invasion droning noise A low rumble that intensifies as you near the entrance to an invasion map, or an hot spot of enemies, could add a nice touch to the intensity of invasions. Could be just a single sound with some coding to control the volume in 5% increments many of these can be done with extra sound files (could be a extra download for the game, such as the music) and treated like eye candy option-wise.
  13. Incorpirate the martial arts!

    Oh... disappointment... and a wee touch of sadness... 'cause I was really looking forward to seeing EL with awesome moves -like the ones in this music video : LOL. Next Update: Hadoken Spell X3
  14. Treasure Hunters cape

    losing levels seems like a bad idea for the cape, yeah it gives you an advantage, but you are also sacrificing your MM or Exc cape for this. Giving 0 exp per would seem more reasonable imo
  15. Incorpirate the martial arts!

    This idea has been suggested multitudes of times and pretty much turned down in the end. I'd like to see this as an aesthetic type thing, no modifiers or anything but instead a way to diversify the animations of the game a little. oh and it'd rock to see my char pulling some Muay Thai on an Ogre :3
  16. What is the point of having rain?

    The idea is nice at a glance, but now that I think about it, it makes going afk for 5 minutes to snag a hot pocket an act of ritualistic suicide in EL
  17. Character control

    To the guy above clicking on trees: Turn on the Mouse Bug option in your settings, I had the same problem.
  18. Bandages

    Well we have white cloth now, why not be able to use them like gausse and wrap yourself up? I had made a suggestion awhile back about making slings with the engineering skill, I could see this being a similar thing, but as bandages. 1 white cloth can be used with the use icon, or maybe used with a HE, to have a healing effect over time, similar to a potion. 5 hp recovery in the first minute, 4 recovered for the second, 3 the 3rd, 2 the 4th, and then 1 for the 5th and final minute If you wanted to add visuals, you could show a piece of bloody cloth wrapped around an arm, leg, around the stomach, forehead, or over an eye, for the length of the effect (could be randomly placed)
  19. Bandages

    Not even if I put bandages into my mouth and guts from the inside? Well one could argue that putting pressure on certain arteries could help the body filter it out *shrug* What next? Manufactured dialysis machine? Well, engineering skill is already present... BTW, I study medicine and I've never heard of pressing arteries/veins in order to filter anything. Either antidote/antitoxin or dialysis/complete blood transfusion. You have to neutralize the poison into harmless metabolite or get it out of the body ASAP. yeah I didn't make any sense rofl
  20. How deep we will sink ?

    I spend 20 gc on the square vials, make the orange dye with stuff I've made, then sell it to tailorica for 25gc. now as long as I have enough food to keep me going, I can keep making them till thy kingdom come ^^ edit: oh and all of the ingredients you need for orange dye are in TG, along with tailorica. Head into the caves and you can get the stuff you need for the water ess!
  21. What are you lvl'ing on?

    made about 240 orange dyes or so now, at 25 exp apiece, it's pretty nice
  22. Falcon summoning

    I will eventually except I need to summon a damn fluff first, criticaled on my last attempt >_<
  23. Godless

    I've been godless since day 1, and I've never reset my char and have been playing for years put it all into my will, so I get nice exp on anything low lvl, in turn meaning I get a huge exp boost on things I make en masse (I make just as much exp I get fighting with alch) godless has it's ups and downs, most people say don't do it but it's up to you. I'd only go for it if you really know what you're doing.
  24. EL Spinoff Contest!

    Make a spinoff, spoof, parody, ect. of EL! You may use whatever medium you wish, be it art, literature, animation, music, ect. Winners are chosen for a couple of catagories: Funniest - The one who soaks everyone else's pants the best wins this one Originality - Something new and different owns this spot Quality - While everything doesn't have to be top notch, if something of a notable quality shows up, it may wind up here Currently I don't have any prizes except bragging rights, I may work on getting some prizes together for this at some point, and donated prizes are welcome! The final submission date will be the first sunday of february!
  25. EL Spinoff Contest!

    Anything is game. I place no limits other than it has to be EL related. edit: quick note, when the due date rolls around, if alot of people are still working on their spinoff or there are too few entries, I may extend the due date an addition 2-4 weeks