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  1. Dragon scales

    Sure sounds like a good idea
  2. Susje only use you

    Hmm another member, well in fact I'm the founder of this guild and I was showing very good manners in my opinion, like I said just get a life and let this matter end, you know for a fact we are not a scammer guild & if any one else reads this post please post after and tell who we have scammed please.
  3. Susje only use you

    I'm sure you live in a little bubble and have no idea what happens outside of it, and the fact you have no doors in it makes perfect sense that YOU have no idea what goes on in the real world, I suggest you should venture out once in a while, it's obvious to me ur just a very sad person that thinks has so much importance, in fact it's so laughable, if you give people an inch they will take a mile, get over it dick head!!!!
  4. No More Mirroring Cape

    So why should it have to break! ?