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  1. Special items rates changes.

    I didn't say pk was dead because of the brod. I just said the concept of it sucks.
  2. And red. But yes. Dragons should not be dropping 1 gc. And not everybody farms, either.
  3. Maybe not that often, that was just a suggestion to get the conversation rolling. Could be less often for sure. Also couldn't it be set to not respawn until it is killed?
  4. This isn't just about instances. Just throwing that out there. :P
  5. Hi, Another idea that Radu asked to be posted with pros and cons. 8. Random Polyphemus Spawn in TD or KF or Hulda One per hour or two, up for discussion. Announced like the rat that escapes from the outhouse.
  6. Hi, Stouxy left out a few other suggestions that came up so I'll try to follow his format here and add them. All have been discussed with Radu and at his request, we are posting them for community review and comments. 7. Increase Variety of GIWS Invasions Exactly as it says. Add more locations and more critters to the mix. Feel free to offer ideas of what to add as well as locations if you are for it, or why you don't like the idea.
  7. Problem with that is then the EEE will be the problem once those sitting in storage are dusted off and used. I was thinking a bit of a less expensive proposition.
  8. Adding 2 new special days.

    No-brainer. Every skill should have a day.
  9. Personally, I think both break rate decreased and more made per mix. Just like treasure finders, pear finders, etc. Or, change the recipe.
  10. Special items rates changes.

    a) Get rid of Branch of Destruction for players. I think it is akin to griefing and is too negative of a game mechanic for a community based game. Gear is just too costly (both gc and $$) for another player to be able to willfully destroy it. Keeping it on boss mobs but lowering the rate for them is a good idea. b)Yes - anything to increase the use of other weapons in the game is a good thing. c) Yes - anything to increase the use of other weapons in the game is a good thing.
  11. IP Storage for everyone.

    I am all for it, as everyone knows. Even if alts sit there and harvest, so what. They are still there and active. People will still prefer VotD for roses and snaps. Chrysanthemums still need silver ore to be useful. Newbies want to see other people. They want people to talk to, they want to see what we do ingame, and they want people to help them. Players would be much more inclined to hang around IP if there was something for them to do. It's not fair to expect players to just sit on the bench and do nothing but wait for new players to pop up. I also don't think players would be there just for flowers. One example would be it would be a great place for meeting people who died with their death bags. Again, newbies would see discussion about other aspects of the game, see higher level gear, and all sorts of things they wouldn't normally see. Newbies want to see an active, thriving game with other players. I don't see how it would be possible for it to be "too crowded".
  12. The idea is to increase the minimum but decrease the maximum, so it's more consistent every time you fight one. This doesn't apply just for instances, but invasions, etc. It is very discouraging to spend a ton of resources and time just to get a small drop that most often has to be shared. I personally find it discouraging when a dragon of all things drops 236 gc and a red dragon scale.
  13. Bot payments

    Gemini paid: Receipt number: 7KW530089D639660R (This also includes my warranty renewal for my ubbers since I was there anyway) You can de-botify SlotBot since she has no practical use anymore now that rule 5 is gone. I don't use her.
  14. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Well, being on the discord chat did not alleviate the confusion. I was waiting for the sedi small room to start and by the time somebody heard me ask "When do we start?" and "Where is everybody?!", it was over and I was sent in to pick up the bags. We tried very hard to make sure you were in the loop and if you look in your chat logs, you should see both gm and local chat directed to you about what was going on. I do agree it would be much harder without the voice chat, but we did try to keep you informed. I'm sorry you had such an awful time of it.