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  1. Banned

    The STX character has been unlocked and your IP unbanned.
  2. Control Rosto Prices

    I agree with kaddy, Vino, and revi. 1. If rostos were, say $1 apiece as Vino suggested (and I've been saying this for ages for this exact price point), I personally would buy a lot of them. Sell some in-game. At that price, I'd feel like I was getting bang for my buck and I'd be more active, more daring, and happy to go back for more. Many others feel the same way. Affordable rostos ==more active players and more shop-buying players. 2. NPC is not a bad idea, but as is I doubt it would happen (taking rosto sales away from the shop). Wonder if an NPC could be tied directly in to the shop to buy directly and get them right away? As to tinkering with the rest, not a bad idea. Wouldn't be my first choice but if radu does not want to adjust rosto prices, I can see value in these ideas. I just don't see rostos ever being NPC sold on their own with no ties to the shop. As to revi's idea for mini rostos for lower gear, that is also a great idea but doesn't help those of us past that point. Not saying don't do it, it's great!, but we still need a plan for the big guy rosto issue.
  3. I think this would be a very nice convenience and would like to see it implemented if bluap has the time and inclination.
  4. This is not, and never would be, a consideration in game design.
  5. Banned

    Here's the decision. After discussion with mods, and discussion with you, I decided you will remained locked and banned for one month from the initial locking and banning date, which was January 17. On February 17, you can post here asking for STX to be unlocked and unbanned. I don't know yet what I want to do about the other characters you are in possession of. I expect you to play and conduct yourself as we discussed - no more badmouthing and no more using EL as your income stream. If you truly do love EL, you will have the chance to prove it by playing like a normal player and acting like a normal person. If turns out to be too much for you, nobody is forcing you to stay here and we won't put up with a repeat performance this time.
  6. IP Banned

    Well if "you" had been the one banned, it probably would have been a different character that had been locked. "Lock"s are simply for characters while leaving the IP still open to play on. A "ban" is the IP itself so no characters are able to log on from it, even if the character itself is not locked. Regardless, I see no trouble on this character so it seems a safe gamble to unban the IP...plus it was 5+ years ago.
  7. IP Banned

    Hmm. Odd because your IP was banned quite some years ago when it was used by somebody else banned trying to circumvent his own ban (i.e. logging on from somebody else's house). I'll unban the IP but if trouble shows up from it or it turns out you are a prior banned person, I'll revisit the issue then.
  8. IP Banned

    No. That procedure doesn't work for the auto-ban for failed passwords issue. I see you are ingame anyway.
  9. IP Banned

    By any chance do you have any local friends who might have been banned that play or played? Also, if a whitelisting is called for, I can handle that.
  10. Forum validation requests

  11. Forum validation requests

  12. IP Banned

    You triggered the auto-ban with too many failed password attempts.
  13. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    As an invasion newbie myself, I have a few comments. 1. Devote an hour or so to whacking at beavers. You can get one or two tokens this way and believe me, beaver tokens are invaluable. I won't leave home without at least one. I usually bring 3 'just in case" with me to invasions. Can't emphasize enough how wonderful and life-saving they are (not to mention reassuring even if you don't use it). Worth the time to kill some beavers if you are short of funds. 2. Don't be afraid to inch in and stay by a quick exit (a door to insides or map change). Get some practice and gradually ease in as your comfort level allows. Don't let people talk you into venturing further in than you are comfortable with because almost always you will find yourself suddenly surrounded or a new wave shows up. Take your time. 3. While Wizzy's advice is sound, it can be overwhelming to have a bunch of spells and potions you are expected to use that you aren't used to casting. What I do is pick one new thing and use that in an invasion. My usual fighting method (such as for dailies) is to cast restore, drink a SR. That's it. So I currently cast shield as my new thing to add. I'm strongly advised to move up to adding mana drain, too. Other than those few things, listen to Wizzy. I do everything he says here with these adjustments. He and Cher have taught me how to get to the point I'm at, and I never ever thought I'd come this far.
  14. Bot expiration

    Gemini paid Slotbot paid Receipt number: 5GM10837F0960774K
  15. Forum validation requests

    You're all set now. Make sure you log out of your guest account to log into your own account.