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  1. Account Recovery

    Hi, Back in 2008, the character empmike was locked, along with emporormike, mikejk, and dkp for breaking the illegal multiplay rule (rule 5 at the time). Do these names sound familiar to you?
  2. New client update available 1.9.5.p9

    I'm not a fan of the jumping either. If it needs to stay, I'd also rather it not shrink when empty.
  3. 80100 invance signup

    This might help, too: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/
  4. Traitors Row

    I kind of like this.
  5. Alpina and alts banned

    "You" did not get kaelfury (formerly calsonic|pandemic) banned. He got himself banned. The average person doesn't just say, "Okay, you're such a good friend, just this one time I'm going to install this macro and make you a few HE out of the goodness of my heart and then put it away forever." Especially kaelfury.
  6. kingpin banned

    Given everything I've read, heard, and seen, I have zero interest in unlocking the Kingpin character. At all. Ever. Not to give back to Kingpin and most definitely not to give back to Violater. Kingpin, you have not even come close to telling the complete story. Much was left out, some flat out lies, and you have spent years lying, cheating, macroing (and distributing to others!), scamming, and generally trying to pull the wool over EL's eyes. I see gross negative asset to EL from you (understatement if there ever was one). Your "real life" issues have no bearing on this even though one might be sympathetic to them (assuming you're telling the truth, of course, which is risky business with you). They certainly don't excuse it or justify it. Don't even think of asking for the alts back either. This has gone on for years and I, for one, am totally disgusted at the abuse of EL and other players. Violater, you have been locked for macro before (and seems you are still running afoul with this) and have bought/sold quite a few characters to get out of a jam. I have no desire to "give back" a character to someone who also has a very, very high likelihood of macroing or will just sell it anyway. You have no claim to this character other than you are trying to play on sympathies because of Kingpin. If you really wanted to be here, you would have done so long ago, not just crawled out of the woodwork because you got caught macroing elsewhere and smell blood on this character. I've been told by both of you far too many times that you're sorry, you want to change, you won't do whatever the issue was again. Every single time it was a lie. I would like to remind everyone that "it's only one month" is a thing only if it's your first time at this rodeo, which is clearly stated in our locks and bans policy here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/41193-our-locks-and-bans-policy/
  7. Happy April Fool's Day!
  8. daily command

    You can right click on the npc name at the bottom of the dialogue window and choose the option to have it print out what he told you. It will do that forever more for that one npc without any further action required on your part. Once you remember to do this for all of the daily/quest npc's you frequent, you won't have to worry about it anymore.
  9. To summarize my thoughts: I always got the point, I just disagreed with the extra stuff that went with the original post (plus I thought you had too many but changed my mind on "all storages" (or one building if it's outside) and upon further thought of the suggestion, I thought DP reading room was a good addition. As I do think the invasion mods have common sense, I do not think it should be restricted to "no-invasion" even in designated safe spaces; as we've discussed, there are "invasions" that are "safe". I do not expect (and will not require it) invasion mods to have to run around to countless buildings or caves or whatever before doing their thing. People do need to take some bit of personal responsibility when AFK-ing. Outside should always be a no-brainer to not AFK, and even inside, if we do go ahead and designate safe spaces, that should be the end of it. Take your chances (some odds are higher than others) anywhere else, and one can always log off. The sticking point to me is once the maps are labeled as "safe" or whatever, people tend to assume that means nothing, no way, no how, no matter what. And that is what bothers me about "restricting the mods" so that nothing can be done, no contests, no easy things, nothing. I think that you now understand my point but we also need to make sure the players do when they look at your maps.
  10. 1) Why not just storages, with the exception obviously being any outside storage has one safe house nearby? I would also recommend the Desert Pines reading room but not the others. 2)I know there is a lot on your map already, but could the "Designated Safe Zone" (or whatever wording) have an asterisk and a very brief explanation somewhere? Other than Acelon (love you LV if you ever read this!), mods have perfectly fine common sense when it comes to invasions.
  11. No, I do not have a complaint that there will be a small number of places I can't toss numbers after #invasion. I've said multiple times that I *do* support a small number of places for that. I do not believe that 1)this is a small number, 2)mods need your instructions, and 3)we need more rules. I may possibly support all those side buildings you list as being classified as "Usually safe but not 100% so". Also I would support better wording even for the "official" safe places, if that comes to pass, that clearly does indicate stuff could happen there but it won't be aggressive without provocation (such as what you mentioned in your post immediately above). But a slow spread like suburban sprawl of "safe spaces" is just not a good idea. I could agree with storages easily. Yes of course people AFK while still logged in and probably nobody does it more than I do. But the game should not be designed around AFK-ness.
  12. You used the words "no-invasion" in your first post.
  13. You are talking about adding rules to the game, not locations to the maps. That's great you added that building in Ida cemetery but that shouldn't mean it MUST be now designated "safe" or a mod will get in trouble. This smacks to me of making "community rules" official. Mods already work their tails off running these things and they are not all just Dump and Run. I disagree that there aren't many hidden invasions. Many run simultaneously to a big dump elsewhere. There are contests with invaded mobs, sometimes only one or two in a building. Sometimes there are invisible rats and they can be anywhere, even storages, and everyone is still safe. If I remember correctly, there was a contest or two on a guild map that involved invaded mobs back in the day. I've seen roleplaying-style invasions that involved some of the places you listed. Isla Prima has had very very very easy small invasions and even had a dragon capped at 1 or something silly for entertainment purposes for the newbies. Everyone is aware that I afk (and others as well) in all manner of places. Thank you for outing that hidey spot. And yes, I have been hit with an invasion mob put in a house before. But that is our choice and our risk. It's not like we have no other option (such as logging out). And I would bet my character that even if this was to take effect in its entirety as you suggested here, we still would have people who did not log in/out or afk in one of these safe spaces and we'd be no "better" off than before we started, except now we've managed to make EL even more restrictive and have now turned away the people who dedicate their time to making creative fun for players. EL was a game designed with risk. It is not a "safe place at all times" type of game. I am not saying I don't think there shouldn't be any official safe spaces but there should be just a few.
  14. I support "a handful" of official safe places (and having them marked on your maps) but in my opinion this suggestion is too extensive and restrictive. If that makes my motives Questionableâ„¢, so be it.
  15. Account Recovery

    I did that and nothing came up.