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  1. Forgot password

    After all the past nonsense with family shared/hacked/stolen/whatever characters and "forgotten" passwords, you don't deserve anyone here giving your password problems the time of day. I can only hope radu feels the same.
  2. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    Team AFK is complete. AFK_Mage: Riptide AFK_Fighter: Kaddy AFK_Summoner: BioBoosterBob AFK_Ranger: Aisy AFK_Engineer: WeaverDAS
  3. Daily Quests

    I think every skill should have a daily, especially ranging
  4. A rather strange ip ban

    Anything to do with problems on PK server must go through radu. You can contact him in-game on main server on his radu character, or through forums - he uses the name Entropy here. I recommend via forums pm because he usually comes on in-game late in the day and doesn't stay online much. All password retrievals for both servers must go through radu as well. There is a $5 retrieval charge and you must provide proof of ownership, as revi explained. I do highly suggest that you do not keep trying over and over again just guessing at passwords because that will trigger an auto-ban if you have too many password failures. And I do see a lot of attempts from a couple of weeks ago.
  5. revi

    You are not the sole arbiter of "a bad decision". You are not the sole arbiter of "a bad mod" (or by extension, what defines a "good mod"). You are not the sole arbiter of who should be removed. You are not the sole arbiter of "truth". You have made your case and revi has made his. I wouldn't put up with the constant insults, either. You may be a "clearly devoted and passionate player", but you are also a clearly rude one.
  6. revi

    You are the one who went name-calling after an issue was done to continue it. It was your reaction after the incident that caused the boot, not the incident itself. And interestingly, you leave the pm chat but blocked out the chat in @1 so we don't know what you said or if it was mended. I reiterate - this is not the only incident where you insult mods quite rudely. Some easy to find forum examples:
  7. revi

    Well, since it's your turn to not have a pulse in-game, here's my response. I think ______ is not a good player and I suggest to be removed. If this is how it worked, we'd have nobody left, players or mods. Just because you disagree with something that happened to you, or something that somebody said to you, doesn't mean it's removal-worthy. I have to agree with him. You do take every opportunity to poke him with a stick because you aren't happy you were mildly moderated. All the good you do, or money you spend, doesn't mean it's okay. Yes you do help and that's great and appreciated but doesn't mean you are immune to everything else. "What do you mean you're arresting me for robbing the bank?!! I help little old ladies cross the street every day!!" We have game rules for a reason, for everyone. Mods have commands for a reason. A simple "Oh darn, you're right, I'm sorry" would have more than sufficed in your original example and it would have been the end of everything. All he did was pm you there! No mod command used against you until you told him to buzz off and sod off in one short sentence. Every time with the slightest of comment to you from a mod, you go off on them, especially revi. There's no need for that. A reminder, by the way, you should not be publishing others' pm's without their permission. And I'd like to add here that this is not the only example of you going off on revi and other mods. Forums alone have examples. You are completely overreacting.
  8. Mod can do what they want?

    No, mods can't do whatever they want. The VERY minor "incorrect" action this mod took was not only IMMEDIATELY rectified by the same mod himself, but he then summoned even more for you. But it seems some people think that players can do whatever they want to mods and there should be no push-back. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. We are not your personal punching bags. I can guarantee you I'd do the same thing if somebody made a point to follow me around and get in my face for no purpose other than to piss me off. Actually, I probably wouldn't be as generous as Wizzy was. This is ridiculous.
  9. Forgot Password

    This character won't be unlocked anyway so no need for the password (which would cost you $5 US Dollars if it was an unlockable character, which it is not). Reasons:
  10. can you change forum username

    You need to send me a forum pm with the request to change your username and include what the new name you want is.
  11. UBC/Vancouver ISP Ban?

    I see no ban and no attempts by draconey to log into a banned IP. I see you did log in earlier today for about half an hour, and also yesterday. Are you at a new place now since that attempt? If you are actually banned, you will get a red message saying so. That message just says you were disconnected. It seems like a problem at your end. Possibly they have the port blocked but that makes no sense if you are trying to log in from the same place you were at earlier. If you switched locations just recently today since your log-in this morning, that would be my guess (blocked port done by wherever you are trying to connect from).
  12. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    In all seriousness, if you ever had interest in invasioning but thought it too hard for you (no matter what your levels), this is the place to be. Wizzy is a phenomenal and patient teacher, I can vouch for that.
  13. Newbie Invasion April 30th

    I was thinking of joining and giving instructions as one noob to another
  14. Forum validation requests

  15. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    It is not a ban issue. You have not reached the server today. The IP you are posting from here in forums is not the same as you logged in-game from yesterday, I assume from your vacation spot. I don't know if you changed locations since yesterday but if so, it could be a blocked port issue from your current location.