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  1. I don't know about that because I think too many things would be miswritten. PL can mean Poland, Portland...tit can mean tit sometimes...people talk about many things, not just EL terms. I think this would make a mess.
  2. Extra Small Inventory Window

    View all if tabs are hidden.
  3. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Just tested it out - wonderful again! Keeps the chat contained and the screen clean when needed without losing it all. Love the window sizing changes, much better, and love that I can move the window around to wherever I want. Love the minimize feature and icon. Thank you, thank you, thank you! One question: Can we lose the "tabs" in the window and shorten the height in the text box we type in? They waste a lot of space. (Oh and Kaddy's idea is pr0 as well.)
  4. I never knew this existed as I don't use tabs or windows. But when I tried, I couldn't get channel 6 to work or #gm. Plus it would be nice to be able to manually select which trigger sets off the color. Like [PM from xxxx: or #Message from Wizzy:
  5. I agree it would be nice to have a simple way to change our chat colors. Meanwhile, I've done this for years: My global_filters.txt looks like this: (makes my #gm a nice purple) ctest1 = [0x8x]â¬0011â22Æ33â44â¦55â 66â¡77Ë88â°99Å aaâ¹bbÅccddŽeeff ctest2 = [0x9x]00â11â22â33â44â¢55â66â77Ë88â¢99Å¡aaâºbbÅccddžeeŸff GM from = ¢GM from The complicated part is depending on which text editor you use, you might need to open it and clean it up with a hex editor if you are fussy about unwanted characters showing up. So I would absolutely love to have an easier method.
  6. General chat

    Drtydevil/whiterhino is the poster here, by the way.
  7. Extra Small Inventory Window

    By "an additional icon-window icon", do you mean an icon in the brown bottom HUD row alongside of the buddylist, stats, console, help, etc? If so, yes I think that is a great idea. Yes the chat window currently switches to tabbed chat. I don't like that and makes me go into options to go back to Old Behavior chat. So I'd love to get rid of that. I don't understand what you mean by "Is the aim that you can choose to just have the actual chat?". My end goal is twofold ideally. One, to use the window chat but to be able to custom size it better. Two, to be able to minimize it (not x it out) so I can quickly drop it out of my screen when I need to but pull it back up when I want to see it again. That said, I also like Nogrod's idea to be able to toggle it on/off all modes as well. The difference being that #cls removes it entirely and you can't scroll up to see it at a later point in time, where a toggle (in my mind) brings it all back so you can see it all again. "I'm not sure what you mean by "HUD bar function" unless you mean the tabs across the top of the window." By "HUD bar function" I mean the row of icons on the bottom on the brown part of the HUD.
  8. Extra Small Inventory Window

    Question on the window resizing again. Is it possible for the chat window (when we select Chat Window option in the Chat tab) to have the following abilities: 1)A minimize option (like when we can minimize windows with our window managers on our desktops) so that it's still there but we can get it out of our way without clearing/losing it? Can the HUD bar function as a panel (like the inventory window)? If not, could it minimize to a little poison drop sized icon at the bottom of the screen? 2)Better rescaling abilities. It still is pretty big and limited in how we can adjust and shape it. Maybe if I explain the issue/goal, you will better understand what I'm looking for. Normally I like to keep my chat as Old behavior. But when fighting, this gets in the way of what I can see. Clear screen isn't an option as 1)new chat keeps coming and 2)I don't want to lose the chat, just hide it for a while. The chat window seems like a nice solution but it doesn't size down well in shape (still way too wide) and can't get small enough. However, if we could maybe minimize this window the sizing wouldn't matter so much.
  9. forum validate and old account help

    It would help if you told us the name you think it is, and the guild you were in. Possibly somebody could chime in from that guild.
  10. hatwood.net

    Suggestions: 1. More spawns 2. Customs/GIMP tutorials next steps beyond the one you helped with in these forums. Ideas such as: how to make an image appropriate to "paste" on to a cape (for example), how to stop it from stretching, how to make it have "folds", and some basic GIMP for Dummies type of stuff.
  11. Is it possible to enable the missing eye candy effects along with this in your new builds?
  12. Ip ban ^^

    It was a ban from 2012 (yes because of you ) I removed it. By the way, please pm me in-game about something else.
  13. Oh. My bad again. I forgot that when you gave us a new el_data pack, I didn't install it because I didn't want some files to overwrite what I have and I forgot to go back to that. Thank you!!!
  14. Quick off topic question, why is my ranging window icon a book and not an arrow? And my minimap isn't a map with a magnifying glass, it's a written page.
  15. Yes the alt key is sorted. User error, sorry. I was trying to force it when I had traded and forgot that it wasn't automatically going back to walk/eye. It seems to work as it always did when walk/eye and "fist" is active. However, it doesn't do that (and I don't think ever did) when eye, use (pointy finger), and trade icons are active. Regarding Diealot, I don't think he can test until a client is built.