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  1. Havena unban

    Which part of "No." did you not understand? I don't trust any of you as far as I can throw you.
  2. Havena unban

    Not interested. Even if you are, which I HIGHLY doubt, you spent your EL career sharing with kingpin and others and macroing throughout it all. You all burnt your bridges. I have some nice honest playing to do now, so I suggest you and your friends not further waste my time. God knows I spent enough of it dealing with you all the last time.
  3. Havena unban

    Hi Kingpin. No.
  4. Forum validation requests

    I'm pretty sure you already have a forum account under a different name.
  5. I have the default on Android. My version is with 1.9.6 data (downloaded from the github page)
  6. I tried trading with Raz as well. I saw no pattern to what would be replaced. I tried to trade him a toadstool and a conjurer cloak went into the trade window instead. Augmented pants turned into a 5% shop coupon. Female orc token turned into a ring of srm. These are the last items in their respective storage sections but not all storage sections seem to have this problem. I did not have trouble getting a grape to trade properly like raz did. Could this be something to do with how storage is sorted? (alphabetically vs. old way)
  7. "Creatures instance banners - names" You just uncheck the box. To do this, you have to check the box "Use instance mode banners", which allows you to customize what you see and how you see it for both players and creatures/mobs.
  8. You can separate that in the options.
  9. No worries at all. I'll clear them!
  10. The only way I know of to attack an invasion mob that can't attack you (capped below your a/d) is for you to mana drain them.
  11. Okay done, 300 brown snakes capped at 1. If you want/need more, let me know
  12. Yes, how many and where would you like them?
  13. Forum validation requests

  14. Love it! It works perfectly and is very obvious. Thank you so much.
  15. Yes, I use old behavior. That explains that, as I get the same result Nogrod does when trying to do long press at the top. A button to toggle the keyboard that sits to the left of where the input text area is sounds great. I was thinking as well that space along the HUD bottom and sides is already cramped. I don't know if removing the long press and EL logo activation would be a good idea, as others might use them! As far as I can tell, a lot of people use this client, just they don't post much, if at all. The option is good! And please don't remove the ability to enter text from main screen, that's necessary for things like fighting (can't go into console to type if you are fighting or you'll die). "...easy to remember once discovered." That's the biggest problem. There is no list in one place of how to do things, just scattered posts in various threads. I guess with so many updates and ideas/suggestions, things are changing too often to do that, but it would be nice at some point. You've done a wonderful job on this. Nothing I've said is ever meant as a complaint; just me trying to understand it and explain why I don't, to help anyone else who comes along who is not used to android as well. Thank you so much for your time and efforts and patience.