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  1. Forum validation requests

  2. Well yes, of course, but that's after the fact and a lot of work. The idea behind the "magical interference" is to stop it in the first place. Now that said, my opinion is this doesn't do much to stop it and the annoyance it causes far outweighs any potential benefit. I'd love to see it gone.
  3. Character "Wilian" locked

    Hi Wilian. I unlocked Wilian but keep in mind you won't get any of the alts unlocked.
  4. Forum validation requests

  5. Speed Hax Spell

    Because then nobody will use it? What's the point then? And look how many things in EL are not used for that exact reason.
  6. Expiring bots

    Gemini paid Receipt number: 4W877550GD8749234
  7. Account renamed?

    Super! You're welcome!
  8. Account renamed?

    Hi Jride04, long time no see indeed! Are you sure you are referring to jride04 and not just jride? There is a jride with stats that would fit what you are talking about. From a long-deleted post of yours that you won't be able to access, I saw this: I got the impression from that post that jride was your main character and jride04 was just a name placeholder. Every once in a blue moon the server will purge unleveled newb characters. Is this something that might have happened? Last log-in for jride is Dec 30, 2010. If I'm completely off base here, unfortunately it looks like you are going to have to talk to radu about this because there are zero server logs of jride04 prior to the new character creation you made this month. The logs prior to early 2006 don't exist any more so whatever happened to the original jride04 was before that. I don't know what tricks radu might have hidden up his sleeve, if any. Also, is there a possibility you shared the password with someone because you thought you'd never be back? (Heh, off topic, I was browsing through some old posts of yours on the off chance I could find some clue about what might have happened and they brought back so many memories! )
  9. My apologies for upsetting you. There was no intent to be difficult or insulting, just some thoughts (which everyone has) based upon your comment regarding "decor" possibly still being worked on (since deleted with the images).
  10. Forum validation requests

  11. I think he's talking about the roofs that are often over bot stalls that you have to zoom in and majorly adjust your angle to "look up" in order to see who they are (the idle bots in Portland come to mind). So I have a question: can other stalls be adjusted to remove those roofs? (Side note: Disclaimer: I do like the marketplace stall concept and wish more were used. But - I'm not a fan of those walls. They don't look natural for the area. They remind me of those folding temporary privacy screens. Are the walls necessary? Also they add to the likelihood people will get trapped like happens at the Portland magic fruit.)
  12. Criticism of Eternal Lands

    Kind of like this post? If you started off with a different premise, such as "How can I understand this game better?" rather than "EL sucks", you might find people more responsive in a positive manner.
  13. Did you check your config file for whatever your window manager is? I had the same problem (couldn't use alt key to easily get the item to storage) and it turns out that the alt key in openbox was bound to a few things I never used. I just removed those entries. My file location was /home/sb/.config/openbox/rc.xml (Arch linux).
  14. IP banned and old char doesn't exist

    At first glance, I see the character "mags" had a password change on August 1, 2015 by someone else as far as I can tell. Did you give it away, let somebody borrow it, or sell it? It must have had a name change. Also it appears the character stopped playing in 2008 and picked up again in 2014. When you say you created a new account called mags, when was this? I don't see any name creation for "mags" other than in 2016. Are you on a vpn now? Any extra info you can give me would be helpful and if you'd prefer to take it to private message, that's fine too.
  15. Forum validation requests