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  1. I guess I am in a banned IP range

    It is not a ban issue. You have not reached the server today. The IP you are posting from here in forums is not the same as you logged in-game from yesterday, I assume from your vacation spot. I don't know if you changed locations since yesterday but if so, it could be a blocked port issue from your current location.
  2. Show Status Indicators in HUD bugged

    Thank you, bluap!
  3. Show Status Indicators in HUD bugged

    Yes, this works as a reasonable work-around. Going to F1 doesn't affect that. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Here's my trouble. I have Aisy (a second client) running on video size 800x480x32 so I can have two clients up at the same time and see them both together. However, running a client this small of course makes stuff not fit well in the HUD. The main issue I have is the Status Indicators (SHPMRG) are superimposed over the last 3 icons (Ranging, Minimap, and Options). I don't need that on this client so I unchecked the box "Show Status Indicators in HUD" in the HUD tab of Options. This works fine until I do F1 (go into console). That undoes this setting (it puts the indicators right back in place over the icons) but does not recheck the box. I have to check it then uncheck it again to undo it, and it only works until I go into F1 then it puts them back automatically. Can this be fixed? (I mean can it be fixed that F1 undoes my setting to remove them. I'm way less worried that when F1 undoes it, the box still stays unchecked.)
  5. Unban request

    You were locked multiple times but the last time you were locked for macro. You can start a new character but won't get a macro character back.
  6. A rather strange ip ban

    While Piper is right in general, I *think* for her situation it's a better option than continually triggering an autoban for too many failed passwords. Once that threshold is reached, even if I unban the IP, the next missed password attempt will trigger it again. So one has to weigh the pros and cons of each. Definitely consider your computer situation and who has access to it before using it.
  7. A rather strange ip ban

    Here's what is happening. I see you on ellia logging in on different IP's. Do you play from two different locations, or possibly android and a computer? One of the IP ranges was autobanned because of too many password failures (a new thing put in since you had stopped playing last time) and one it looks like you are caught in an IP range ban due to somebody else. I need you to forum pm me with all your characters and situation so we can sort this out. Also there is a way to save your password in your el.ini so that you can automatically log in and won't have to worry about remembering your password.
  8. This is great! The one thing I don't care for is that after the first time I log in, every subsequent time I open the client, it auto-fills my name and password even before I click on the new button. I was expecting it to be blank until I either right click or left click on the name in the Select Login window.
  9. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    On that tangent, if one happens to already love the keyboard they have with different special features, one could try something like this gaming mouse: https://venturebeat.com/2019/02/19/logitech-mx518-reborn/ But really, this guide is more about the basics of in-game tips. All the specialty hardware in the world won't help you without some basic invasion experience (that takes practice) and skills.
  10. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    It's a good thing you prefer to stay locked because that's exactly what's going to happen. Besides, I can't imagine why you would want to be in such a boring and outdated game with such awful people running it. Bye!
  11. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    Yes! Watching scrolling chat or trying to type is a sure way to die. A corollary of this would be to learn to watch your blue mana and red health bars below in the HUD. Far too many times it's either too distracting on the screen, or there are so many critters and people surrounding you that you can't even see yourself. Train yourself to focus on the bars in the HUD and ignore the screen when in crowded situations or any time you can't see your bars/numbers on the screen. Some other things to add from an invasion newbie's perspective: 1. Practice going around doing everything with your inventory window open. I never had mine open before I started seriously doing invasions, and I really hate it. It gets in the way of chat, it gets in the way of where I want to click on the map, it blocks things I want to see, and it is distracting in general. But it is a necessary evil because you really do need to keep an eye on your quantities of things you ran out of quick bar slots for, and for easy and fast access to gear or potions. 2. Another of the "obvious but it needs to be stated" things: Make your EL window as big as your monitor will allow. It helps immensely to see what's happening better when everything is bigger and wider. It also gives you more room to see around your inventory window and the scrolling chat. Close all your browsers and other activities to reduce lag. 3. During night invasions, I up the Gamma on the Video tab to lighten up the lay of the land. This won't help your perception any, but it is useful to see where you are at and what is around you. 4. Make an Invasion Item List. Sometime when there is no invasion going on, have a seat at storage and pull things out you would bring. Don't equip anything because the item list ignores that when you create it. Get some advice from experienced invasioners about what to bring and play with quantities and your emu to get a good balance. Use this HE to SR ratio calculator so you don't waste emu: http://www.paradoxcomputers.com.au/el/hesrtake.php?mymana=136&emu=0&mysr=90&calc=Calculate&myhe=0 This will not only save you time when an invasion is called, but relieve the worry of whether or not you forgot anything important (we all have done that).
  12. Banned

    The STX character has been unlocked and your IP unbanned.
  13. Control Rosto Prices

    I agree with kaddy, Vino, and revi. 1. If rostos were, say $1 apiece as Vino suggested (and I've been saying this for ages for this exact price point), I personally would buy a lot of them. Sell some in-game. At that price, I'd feel like I was getting bang for my buck and I'd be more active, more daring, and happy to go back for more. Many others feel the same way. Affordable rostos ==more active players and more shop-buying players. 2. NPC is not a bad idea, but as is I doubt it would happen (taking rosto sales away from the shop). Wonder if an NPC could be tied directly in to the shop to buy directly and get them right away? As to tinkering with the rest, not a bad idea. Wouldn't be my first choice but if radu does not want to adjust rosto prices, I can see value in these ideas. I just don't see rostos ever being NPC sold on their own with no ties to the shop. As to revi's idea for mini rostos for lower gear, that is also a great idea but doesn't help those of us past that point. Not saying don't do it, it's great!, but we still need a plan for the big guy rosto issue.
  14. I think this would be a very nice convenience and would like to see it implemented if bluap has the time and inclination.
  15. This is not, and never would be, a consideration in game design.