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  1. How can log on in the test server?

    Well, if you dont mind mucking around on the command line... Open the Terminal application (found in /Applications/Utilities). Change directory to where ever Eternal Lands is located. I keep mine on the Desktop, so the command would look like: cd ~/Desktop Then type the following: ./EternalLands.app/Contents/MacOS/EternalLands test Pay close attention to the punctuation.
  2. Failed to mount disk image (mac)

    I have a current build available at http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip
  3. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Okay, I have uploaded a new complete build. http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip The "fix" we are attempting should only affect PowerPC users, but this build also includes all the latest code (like saving of manufacture recipes).
  4. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Yeah, I found those swaps too. I could not get a solution. I will make a build with your fix and have folks test it out.
  5. MAC/OSX-Character creation problems

    What kind of Mac? What OS? What was the exact crash message?
  6. Mac freezes when playing o_O

    Please read: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50857
  7. Forum posting guidelines

    When posting a new topic (or replying to a topic for the first time) please provide the following information: Hardware (i.e. MacBook, Intel/ATI/NVidia graphics, memory) Operating system (10.4, 10.5, 10.6, ....) Most of this information can be obtained by under the Apple menu -> About This Mac... -> More Info... You can also add this information to your signature so that it is always presented when posting. If you are reporting a crash, please supply the above information plus the first ~20 lines of the crash log. This information will better help the developers track and solve problems.
  8. Mac freezes when playing o_O

    Please give us more information on your hardware and OS.
  9. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Try downloading my build (see post 62). Make sure you are using the square buttons option. I am busy moving right now, so I don't know when I will be able to make a new build and test it.
  10. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    What kind of Mac? Is it a newer intel-based Mac, or is it an older PowerPC-based mac? Can you send me (best) or post the crash log?
  11. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Maybe PM me more details. It might be PowerPC specific, but we will have to test reproducibility. Also, please send the crash log to me.
  12. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Okay, I have a full build available. This uses the latest CVS code and the "patch". Sir_Odie should have just PM'd me to get that updated in CVS. Quite simple.
  13. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Sorry about that. Let me pull together a full client, and I will post a link. I will update this post when done.
  14. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Yes. I think a number of those options could be combined.
  15. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    This is a topic outside of the thread. I suggest you look into Ubuntu or OpenSUSE. I am sure there other suggestions, but again, it is a bit off topic.
  16. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    www.virtualbox.org It is free. Of course, if you want to run Windows, that costs something. Linux is free though.
  17. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Can someone give me a job? The current map editor is built on foundations not available for the Mac (last I looked). Your best bet is to either run the windows version under VirtualBox or pay someone a bunch of money to make a Mac map editor.
  18. Depletable Resources Poll

    There are many valid points on both sides (harvesters vs fighters), just as there are many skewed points. Let's all sit back and cool down a bit. (How long does a thread cooldown last?)
  19. User menu patch

    I find this to be an interesting idea. Some people might really like having quick access to certain commands. Could preload it with "noob" commands too. Gone are the good-old days where people understood DOS and the command line.
  20. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Against it. Yes, I am one of the AFK harvesters. The mini events have essentially made that impossible. Which is fine, since at least I am getting gold & exp in exchange. However, since I (unfortunately?) took the MM perk 3 years ago, it is next to impossible to "train" a/d. So, I harvest so that I can alch/manu/craft/etc. I do have an alt that rarely gets played, and never gets multiplayed. However, the idea that I need to search out a resource which may-or-may-not be depleted once I get there seems like busy work. Where is the enjoyment in that? What about it makes the game more fun to play for people that are more interested in casual gaming and socializing? I mean, I enjoy helping out Mac users to get the client running and all, and I enjoy chatting with guildies, but depleting resources (as proposed) would severely limit my enthusiasm.
  21. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    I though I had fixed it. What is the date of the binary you are using? I uploaded one dated May 2 @ 10:40AM, and I can get all the buttons to be square.
  22. Macintosh User Group [MUG] Client 1.3 Poll

    In case some of you are not subscribed to the current bugs thread, I wanted to mention that we have a temporary fix for EL on Macs with integrated Intel graphics. Here is the bugs thread for v1.8.0. Specifically, check out post #40 by me to get a new client version.
  23. MAC/OSX-Character creation problems

    The Mac client is still a bit of a work in progress. Please read the official bugs thread over here for version 1.8.0. The two most common problems are You have "Use animation program" turned on in the Adv Video options. Turn this off. You have integrated Intel graphics which bonks on the rounded buttons. See post #40 in the mentioned thread for a temporary fix.
  24. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    This is pretty good detective work! About adding this disable option. The options window already contains a few similar bug related options. I was also thinking about an option to disable the code that is currently crashing Linux machines because of an Intel graphics driver bug. What do you think about having a new options tab, specifically for bug released workarounds? I was seconds from committing my changes. gottrech deserves a lot of credit for locating the problem. I thought it was related to the item counts being refreshed in the dialog. Anyhow, I have implemented a more general solution that should encompass all the rounded buttons. I don't know about a new tab. That options window is getting pretty large. Might want to start a new thread on the topic to get broader input. New test build available. Download only for MacBook users with integrated Intel Graphics Download the above file and unzip it. Find your original EternalLands app, right-click on it, and select Show Package Contents.... Then, place the new EternalLands binary into the old Contents/MacOS folder. In the HUD options tab, there is a new box. Select it (Square buttons). If I get positive feedback, I will commit the code. BTW, I have narrowed the problem down to draw_circle_ext if anyone wants to poke at it too.
  25. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    I tried this version for around 4 hours and so far have been unable to make it crash - except when having the statistics - counters window open. But since this window still has rounded buttons this looks really good from my point of view. So maybe a toggle that switches the draw_smooth_button between drawing square and rounded buttons would be a reasonable fix. Thanks for working on this. Yes, I was planning on putting a button in the HUD tab of the Options window to turn on/off rounded buttons. Actually, the button is there, but it does not do anything yet. Stay tuned!