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  1. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Interesting, but you forgot to give OS/hardware details. Granted, this extra info might not be relevant, but you never know. When you type #sto from the console in EL, what does it say? Almost sounds like a server sync/lag issue. So, for purposes of illustration, lets say you move 20 red roses, 20 red quartz, and then attempt to move 20 snap dragons but get this problem. If you move those same quantities back into inventory and attempt the whole process again, does it immediately happen?
  2. EL causes color change

    Yes, as revi mentioned, it is a global gamma shift imposed on the OS.
  3. Alternative to Berlios

    Account: 0ctane Usual leading zero
  4. Mac OS X Lion AKA 10.7 issues

    I pushed a commit that does just this (in eye_candy.cpp). Hopefully it pushed correctly. Xcode was giving me grief about the push, so I did it from the command line. Also tried to update some project files.
  5. Alternative to Berlios

    I am open to either. I am more comfortable with SVN, but I understand that many prefer git now. Xcode can interface with either.
  6. Having an Issue.

    Oops. Fixed. http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands192b.zip
  7. Mac OS X Lion AKA 10.7 issues

    I will commit the fix after some testing.
  8. Mac OS X Lion AKA 10.7 issues

    I have a new build available at http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands192b.zip that includes the fix.
  9. Having an Issue.

  10. Having an Issue.

    Well what exactly is your website? I downloaded it directly from Eternal Lands website... Nevermind. Looks like I need to make a new build. Been away from EL for a bit it seems.
  11. Having an Issue.

    Did you download the game from my website or somewhere else? I am just wondering if you have the correct build for your system.
  12. Mac OS X Lion AKA 10.7 issues

    We always welcome another set of eyes on the code.
  13. Mac OS X Lion AKA 10.7 issues

    Despite being a Mac dev, I have not upgraded to 10.7 either. I like to wait at least a week.
  14. Flex chat client

    No, afaik there is no such flag to send? Your character will always just stand there like all others. Okay. I figured as much, but I was just wondering. I have not tested chat client yet, but might want to put in a warning about remembering where you were last (ie don't use if you were last in a PK arena).
  15. Flex chat client

    Do you send an additional server flag to say that it is a chat client and not an in game entity (to avoid someone just standing around)?