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  1. MacWorld 2011 Expo

    If you live in the San Francisco area, or will be there this week, I have some free expo passes that I can hand out, courtesy of Shedworx. Just send me a forum PM. The MacWorld Expo is from January 27-29, 2011. Limited number of free passes, so, first come first served.
  2. I think, i have seen you in game already. So your problem is solved? Dare to tell us your solution, so others can solve their problems too? Piper If you have not solved the problem (or searched the forums for the answer)... All configuration files are stored in ~/Library/Application Support/Eternal Lands, probably under the "main" directory. Note that this "Library" is in your home directory, and it is not the system Library. There you will find the el.ini file. Edit it to change the #use_animation_program parameter.
  3. Advice on the music

    Music needs to be added into the game package. Ctrl+click (or right mouse click) on the EternalLands game. In the resulting menu, select Show Package Contents. This will open a Finder window. Navigate to Contents/Resources/data. Create a "music" directory here, and put all the music files into it.
  4. El 1.9.1 for Windows and Linux released

    Scratch, Please tell us what OS you are using. I have on rare occasion noticed this on my Mac, and it usually resolves itself after a restart.
  5. El 1.9.1 for Windows and Linux released

    Macintosh 1.9.1 El client is available from my website. Direct download here.
  6. EL 1.9.1 RC2 Windows installer and Linux data

    Here is an issue I have noticed, although I am not sure how it will affect the game when horses are fully implemented. If I am walking along and do #horse 0ctane, the horse appears, but my actor is not on the horse. Instead, I drift off to the side a bit as we travel. I can post screenies if necessary.
  7. EL 1.9.1 RC2 Windows installer and Linux data

    Macintosh OS X build is ready here.
  8. Help! Graphics bug?

    Out of curiosity, where did you download the game from?
  9. EL 1.9.1 RC1 released

    I have a Macintosh OS X build available with latest CVS code. You can download it here.
  10. Seems reasonable. Doesn't really affect game play. More interesting would be to have the ambient light of C2 be different from that of C1 at the same hour, much like when the sun is up in Australia, it is nighttime in the Americas.
  11. Client update test

    I have uploaded another OS X build here.
  12. Can't walk in game

    Do you have a link to that other post? At first glance, this looks like a server connection issue. If anyone or anything tries to attack, each actor goes into fighting mode. It may be that whatever you are fighting has a significantly higher skill level. Where are you fighting? What is your a/d/p/c?
  13. Cant do quest

    That (null) is a bit odd. When the game first loads, there is a listing of all the various graphics extensions available. Right before the pink "Connecting to Server..." message is a line about where the personal settings are saved. What does that say for you? You can pass them my way. Remind me what your hardware and OS version are.
  14. EL client crashing =/

    Not necessary. You could try getting it directly from my site, but I am unsure if that would make a difference. Well, when the game crashes, you should get a "report to apple" dialog just like when any other application crashes. You don't need to report it to apple, but one of the tabs should give crash info. Otherwise, open the Console application (found in Applications/Utilities), show the log list (top left button), and find the CrashReporter section. There should be a list of applications that have crashed. Pick the most recent EternalLands crash log, and copy-paste the contents here. In Console for Snow Leopard, it would be found at the left under FILES -> ~/Library/Logs -> CrashReporter. In Console for Snow Leopard, it would be found at the left under LOG FILES -> ~/Library/Logs -> CrashReporter. As an additional test.... Log in. Do nothing. Just wait. See if it crashes. Where is your character when it does?
  15. iPad/iPhone port request

    Yes, if I had an iPad, I would like to play EL on it. I finally got to play with one at BestBuy today. I am not offended by the request. I am just trying to point out that it is not a trivial investment of time or money for little other than a "thanks". That being said, I am still investigating the possibility of a port. I already have SDL running under the iPhone/iPad simulator.
  16. EL client crashing =/

    bLaZe1, do you use a Mac? We don't have an installer. Creating a new user account ("D" I am guessing) is a bit extreme. As usual (see sticky post in top of forum) we need details. Make, model, OS version, graphics, .... Also, where did you download the game from? I get all those messages too, so the error log is not being informative. How long after you login does it crash? Do you have a crash log to send me? In your main folder (inside application support/eternallands) what are the contents of infos.log and connection_log.txt?
  17. Stuffit Expander Problems

    Well, that is easy enough. EL is only supported on OS X 10.4+. The graphics drivers in 10.3 don't have necessary function calls for a lot of the game, and SDL (the cross platform library used to run EL) now only works on 10.4 and above. Sorry.
  18. Stuffit Expander Problems

    Okay, had to update my StuffIt expander, I have Eternal Lands Completely downloaded, but now it's not running Eternal Lands. Again, where did you download it from? What OS version and hardware are you running? Does the game launch and immediately stop? We need more details than "it's not running".
  19. Stuffit Expander Problems

    Are you using Safari to manage the download or some other software? Where are you downloading the game from? Did you get it directly from my site? http://www.0ctane.net/files/EternalLands.zip
  20. iPad/iPhone port request

    I have been chatting with Entropy some more. Maybe we can get a little EL iPhone/iPad development team together. Still, buying an iPad is a pretty hefty investment when there is no monetary return. Ahh, FOSS. Yes, there are many issues. SDL and OpenGL ES are the two I am most concerned with. I don't see multitouch being to great an obstacle since much of EL is point-and-click actions. Implementing multitouch on top of EL's input scheme might be interesting.
  21. iPad/iPhone port request

    Sure. Let's see ... the Apple iPhone developer program is $100. A base model iPad is $499. Thankfully I already have a Mac to do the programming, otherwise that would be another couple hundred dollars. Seeing how I am unemployed/self-employed/stay-at-home dad, I should have plenty of time. Okay, so maybe my reply is a bit sarcastic. I have supported the OS X builds for about 5 years now. I have been thinking of doing the port, but since I do not have an iPad, I have not moved to fast. The iPhone port would be not practical (think of how small the text would be or how much it would fill up the screen), unless a top-down version was made (something I chatted with Entropy about once). Care to donate to the cause? There is a Paypal donate link at the bottom of my website: http://www.0ctane.net/EL/el.html Care to send me an iPad?
  22. Crash on UVP on Intel MacBook Pro - v 1.9_03042010

    Very odd. I have not had trouble with sound since probably the 1.5 release. However, UVP still causes my actor to disappear when enabled. I too have a MBP, same graphics. So, simple solution is to still keep UVP off.
  23. Crash on UVP on Intel MacBook Pro - v 1.9_03042010

    If I'm not mistaken, it stands for "Use Vertex Program", i.e. the last line in 'Options' window, 'Adv Video' tab (Use GL_ARB_vertex_program for actor animation). My interface says "Use animation program". Hmmmm.... Anyhow, I have never seen the vertex program option actually work on a Mac. Still a work in progress (that might be SDL related).
  24. Trouble connecting to Server.

    These are peculiar messages. Seems like some files are missing or corrupted. Are you sure you got the client from my website or the official EL mirrors? Try downloading the newest official release. This is nothing to worry about. Word of the wise, do not piss off Entropy. If you have a non-official client, and you don't have his permission to use it, you can be banned.
  25. Crash on UVP on Intel MacBook Pro - v 1.9_03042010

    Thanks for the detailed crash log. Yes, the client I distribute has all the sound files. I rarely ever play with sound though. Forgive my ignorance, but what is the acronym UVP?