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  1. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    I'm not sure that's true. I wrote that code with a view to be in platform independent. I also just tried windows files on Linux and Linux files on windows and both worked just fine. How did you transfer the files? Did you edit the files on either platform? It has been automagically syncronized using dropbox. I have setup so that my el user data in in my dropbox and thus always in sync between my puters so that I don't loose counters. If you have tried to make it plattform indepentet that might be the problem... I.e. if you use the platforms prefered linebreak.
  2. Macintosh OS X client 1.8.0 bugs thread

    Regarding items list and recipies. The Bug is in the client code that parses/writes those files. The Mac and other *nix clients use \n only for linefeeds, while the windows client uses \r\n. I have migrated between windows and mac a few times and have to use something like dos2unix to change the formatting before starting the client.
  3. Bots with Bad Math

    Well... IFF I remember correctly 0.5 would still be 0.5 but 0.3 is "impossible" to store correctly in a float... This is because a float is stored in base 2. so just as we have 1, 2, 4, 8 etc for the integer part, we get 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 etc.. so 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 etc is possible to represent. but 0.3 is 0.25+0.03125+0.015625+... thus "never" reaching the exact value. Using the three first numbers we end up at 0,296875 (and probably a few more decimals) So it is impossible to show the entire price as it might have infinite decimals... Regarding the problem at hand, there should be ways to handle this. Perhaps add a small amount before rounding down allowing for some small errors in the calculations (0.00001 might be enough, this could be tested by calculating a lot of different cases)
  4. Auction: Inorganic nexus removal stone

    Auction closed. Gratz to TvManPwns who bought the stone I just found one Inorganic Removal Stone that I am selling. Starting 750k gc Increase 10k gc BIN 1 M gc Ends September 2nd at 10 UTC http://www.timeandda...0902T12&p1=1381
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order: 20k Red Rose 15k gc 20k Red Rose 15k gc 20k Red Snapdragon 10k gc 20k Red Rose 15k gc 20k Red Snapdragon 10k gc Ingame Eru
  6. which files to transfer from linux to windows?

    The problem with item_list.txt and item_categories.txt is that they are CRLF/LF formatted depending on OS... Windows uses CRLF and the rest (Mac/Linux I assume) uses LF formatting. I store my game_data folder on dropbox and only have to remember to flip the formatting before starting el. So the code has to be changed to always use an LF formatter/parser...
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Time for a new order Ingame Eru 10k Sulfur (24.5k) 10k Sulfur (24.5k) 20k Red Roses (15k) 20k Red Snapdragon (10k) 10k Sulfur (24.5k) Thanks
  8. Changes to the manufacturing recipe window

    Looks promising A small suggestion. Eventually with up to 100 stored recipies it will become hard to find the right one, so it would be great with an toggle to sort or preferably only show those lines that you have ings for in inv atm. At the moment if I go and make base rings, I switch between making bars and rings. Would be nice to only have those two to choose from at that moment.
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to post a new order Eru ingame 10k Sulfur 24.5k gc 10k Sulfur 24.5k gc 20k Red Rose 15k gc 20k Red Snapdragon 10k gc 10k Sulfur 24.5k gc Thanks
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd like to order: 10k Sulfur 24.5k gc 20k Red Rose 10k gc 20k Red Snapdragon 10k gc 10k Sulfur 24.5k gc Ingame Eru
  11. If you say you did not Macro and are on the list..

    My Ingame Nick is Eru_Illuvatar (just as my forum one) According to you list I have been detected 5 times... It's hard for me to prove anything so I can only give you my word that I have never used any kind of macroing... I'm afk alot ingame, but always checks the last messages when I return. And Try to look at them while working. Esp when making fe:s the speed is high, and i often get a "you are missing a ingredient, are you trying to crash teh server" when the sullfur runs out. I usally sit with ctrl pressed and press 1 as soon as my food goes below 31. This fast behaiviur may look like automation, I understand that, but I know that I don't use such stuff. As a final note. If you check the number of online hours, harvests and stuff made you will see that 5 suspicius acts is nothing but a drip in the ocean. Sincerely, Eru_Illuvatar
  12. Can't connect to server, Please try again?

    Yes... I know alot about performance And I can't see any real problem here... First of all... saving say 10 or 1 user probably takes the same time... and a 100 not much longer... I'm not saying that every single change should be saved... but a full save every 5 minititues should be possible... (the writing to disk should be done by a seperate thread) Any backup-mechanizm doesn't seem to be active, since people still can loose day's of work... And the fact that it's free (or is it ? isn't it just an open beta ? ) doesn't matter when talking about relaiability... I'm just as mad if I loose a days worth of work here as if I had played a pay game...
  13. Can't connect to server, Please try again?

    These answers will start to loose you users very soon... (probably already are) Sure you can tell people to save often... but how do you save ? It takes way too long to restart the client every *** time I have done something... Guess i could hack up the client to relogin every 30 seconds when i'm idle... should give a nice serverload.... The only solution is a server-side autosave function, that should have gone in before any other enhancements... Another problem since you don't have server-side autosave is that everytime there is a crash everything gets out of sync... If I have sold something and then logged of, but the buyer didn't log off the goods are gone forever... Nothing would ever really be lost (exept a few monsterdrops, but you don't fight that many monsters per minitue...)
  14. Map bugs in live version

    This just happend to me too (even the same coords...) Luckily it worked to beam out
  15. french keyboard not working

    I have a swedish keyboard and I also have the problems with malfuncioning alt-gr sequences... But if i press both alt and alt-gr and the key it works... But it's not always it's malfunctioning, Today it worked until i used alt + enter to switch to fullscreen...