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  1. ~

    I think it is an ok idea, I agree with his will to fix the issue
  2. Ranging fix

    my vote: please don't change it
  3. Expiring bots (end of June)

    Asteria paid Receipt number: 7BU80051H02193300 second Receipt number: 4DM05034CL2853539 lady
  4. El and Android poll

    thank you it seems to work fine
  5. El and Android poll

    I tried it, but I didnt find a way to equip/swap armor/tools, (if I click on items they moved between storage/inventory, and drag and drop didnt seem to work for me) in 2d client it shows you when you are harvesting so it is easier to keep harvesting, (if you dont see the "mark/icon" you simply click again) another suggestion is to be able to move the "blue bars" to the bottom right corner, for some reason every time I try to move camera y try to do it with my right hand's thumb, but blue bars are at the left bottom corner, if there be the chance to have them on right bottom corner perhaps would be easier (need to test it) I usually disable health bars and enable health numbers (no idea how to do that on android) if it is possible, please let me know anyways thank you for your effort I hope game goes in the way you want to take it and it be good for you and for all EL community
  6. El and Android poll

    I "play" on android since 2d client was out, I like the chance to "harv/mix" on phone and "fight" on pc, I hope android client would be enough to harv/mix (like you can equip/change armor/tools) and that will be great for me thank you for the effort
  7. Need team for ice instance

    tell rabbitman to take me with team , but he needs to sponsor the rostogols
  8. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    i suggest to move finja's post to request section, talon i really think you are a bad influence for "the one who was not involved in this", but anyways, I hope people read this thread, and serve to avoid it in the future
  9. Too many high level Armors in Game

    well i think manuers needs more demand, maybe a way to help them and help more ppl level up their manu levels
  10. The Circle Guild ~o~ - 6th Year Anniversary

    congratulations to all members of ~O~
  11. 100-120

    Perhaps here looks better